Soil Amendments equipment for Crop Cultivation available in Bahrain

  • BorreGro - Model G - Granulated Organic Soil Conditioner

    A Granulated Organic Soil Conditioner that Improves Fertilizer Efficiency. BorreGRO G is the granular form of BorreGRO CA and carries all of the same benefits. The granular formulation is designed for easy bulk blending with most granular fertilizers.

    By Borregaard based in Sarpsborg, NORWAY. from Granulated Organic Soil Conditioner Product line

  • BorreGro - Model HA-2 - Conventional Potassium Humate

    BorreGRO HA-2 is a highly soluble potassium humate derived from leonardite ore. In comparison to other humate products, it is soluble over a broad range of pH and lower in sodium.

    By Borregaard based in Sarpsborg, NORWAY. from Conventional Potassium Humate Product line

  • BiotaMax - Soil Amendment & Probiotic

    BiotaMax Soil Amendment & Probiotic - Bacillus and Trichoderma species in aneasy to use, and store, effervescent tablet. Each tablet contains enough active microbes to treat up to 0.25 acres or 0.1 hectares.  BiotaMax is sold in individually wrapped effervescent tablets (Single tablets or sheets of 12) or in a tube of ...

    By Custom Biologicals, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Bio Fertilizer

    Nurture Growth’s innovative bio-technology uses the science of “biomimicry” that emulates what happens in nature to promote plant health and improve soil conditions. Nurture Growth’s fertilizer uses green compost, combined with our innovative bio-based ingredients, to create a liquid concentrated formula which contains ...

    By Nurture Growth Bio Fertilizer Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Profile - Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner

    Profile Lawn & Landscape Soil Conditioner is comprised of porous ceramic particles that won’t decompose or break down over time like peat. The balanced structure and pore space is permanent. Whether it’s in containers, hanging baskets, planting beds, vegetable gardens, backfill around trees or shrubs, for lawn maintenance or ...

    By Profile Products LLC based in Buffalo Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner Product line

  • Oasys Ultra - Natural Wetting Agent and Microbial Feed

    Oasys Ultra is formulated to increase percolation rates in dry, hard, and compacted soils. This premium quality, non-burning wetting agent is fortified with humic acids and sea plant extracts which act as bio-stimulants for improved plant growth. Oasys Ultra is non-toxic, plant derived, and can even be applied as a 'rescue' in hot and dry weather ...

    By Soil Technologies Corporation based in Fairfield, IOWA (USA). from Natural Wetting Agent and Microbial Feed Product line

  • PolyStart - Starter Fertilizers

    A starter fertilizer with two sources of polyphosphates, providing extended availability of phosphorous in most soil types. PolyStart promotes early root growth and can be used in most seeded and transplanted crops. Early root development, in turn, will establish the plant in the field more quickly and encourage vigorous top growth. PolyStart is a ...

    By KeyPlex based in Winter Park, FLORIDA (USA). from Starter Fertilizers Product line

  • Sustainable Soils

    Soil sustainability requires profitability. No matter how desirable a sustainable program might be it must be tempered by the realities of making a  total commercial  agriculture program work economically. Growers attempting to deal with this reality often focus on sustainability in a piecemeal manner as they do not always understand the ...

    By Perfect Blend, LLC based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Sustainable Soils Product line

  • Closed-Loop Organics Management System

    This is a 48 tank system designed to handle the effluent from an approximate 12,000 lactating cow dairy. A steel building is erected over the vertical tanks and roof structures aid in shade and odor control. Manure is vacuumed from the feed-lanes delivered to a reception pit.  The manure is pretreated to correct impurities and enhance its ...

    By Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EPTC) based in Visalia, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Agri-Inject - Model 500 Gallon - Large Capacity Injection System

    Common Uses Herbicides, Fumigants, High Rate Fungicides, Non-Solubles, Fertilizers. Features 500 gallon tank. Extreme duty support base. Specs/Options Liquid Capacity: 500 US gallon. Dimensions: 65” wide x 85” long x 67” tall. Weight: 412 lbs. without pump.

    By Agri-Inject, Inc. based in Yuma, COLORADO (USA). from Large Capacity Injection System Product line

  • 600 Gallon Large Capacity Injection System

    Common Uses Herbicides, Fumigants, High Rate Fungicides, Non-Solubles, Fertilizers. Features 600 gallon tank. Extreme duty support base. Specs/Options Liquid Capacity: 600 US gallon. Dimensions: 65”wide x 85” long x 74” tall. Weight: 435 lbs. without pump

    By Agri-Inject, Inc. based in Yuma, COLORADO (USA). from 600 Gallon Large Capacity Injection System Product line

  • GS - Organic Residuals Upgrader

    The technology employed in this device is unlike anything else on the market. The unit produces a highly valued natural soil-amendment from, quite literally, garbage. Available in three sizes, the wirelessly self-monitoring system takes a 400 million year-old technology, the worm, and places it in an optimized natural environment to quickly and ...

    By GreenScience Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Custom - Model GP - Trichoderma Soil Amendment & Probiotic

    Custom GP Trichoderma Soil Amendment & Probiotic - 5 Bacillus species offer a range of benefits.

    By Custom Biologicals, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Simplot - Sulfuric Acid - 93%

    Simplot Sulfuric Acid is a highly concentrated source of sulfur that can be used as a desiccant or soil amendment.

    By J.R. Simplot Company based in Boise, IDAHO (USA). from Sulfuric Acid - 93% Product line

  • Bicco TEATONIC - Bio Fertilizers

    Sulphur as Nutrient in Tea Soil; According to current research, Sulphur along with Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphate, is an essential nutrient for optimal growth and sustainable higher productivity of tea. In some situations, Sulphur requirements may be considerably high, as with other nutrients, depending on sulphur status of tea soils.

    By Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. based in Calcutta, INDIA. from Bio Fertilizers Product line

  • AquaClean - Model ACF-32 - Compost

    Compost contains high levels of nutrients which are not readily bio-available. As AquaClean ACF-32 breaks down the compounds in compost they convert the nutrients in these compounds to more usable forms. The bacteria will absorb some of the nutrients as part of their own requirements and then release them when they die. They also process and ...

    By Nova Q LTD based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Compost Product line

  • Karr - Soil Amendment

    Biochar is a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal substance that is distinguished from other charcoals in its intended use as a soil amendment. The use of biochar as a soil additive has been proposed as a means to simultaneously mitigate anthropogenic climate change whilst improving agricultural soil fertility. Biochar is charcoal that has been ...

    By Karr Group of Companies based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Soil Amendments & Probiotics

    Problem: Seed germination, root development and plant growth depend on beneficial soil microorganisms, but the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals can greatly diminish a soil’s natural population of beneficial microbes.

    By Custom Biologicals, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Humipower Solid Inductors

    HUMIPOWER SOLID is a solid humic amendment rich in humic acids. Indicated to improve soil structure and highly tired  mineralized soils. Promotes the release of blocked nutrients and stimulates soil retention capacity. Includes mycorrhizae that improves vegetative stimulating action on the roots and aerial parts of plants. Allows better ...

    By Arvensis Agro S.A. based in Fuentes de Ebro, SPAIN.

  • BorreGro - Model HA-1 - Compatible Humic Acid

    A Soluble and Solution-Compatible Humic Acid for the Soil Conditioner Market.BorreGRO HA-1 is a modified potassium humate derived from the plant active portions of leonardite ore. It is a patented product designed to provide superior solubility over the entire useful pH range and can be formulated with both basic and acidic fertilizers. As a ...

    By Borregaard based in Sarpsborg, NORWAY. from Compatible Humic Acid Product line

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