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    GWT Series Agro-Z Specialized Natural Plant Growing Medium - Brochure

    Zeolite based fertilizers are known to be 'smart fertilizers' due to the high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and porous crystalline structure. Zeolite is the only negatively-charged mineral in existence in the world, for these purposes it has therefore has significant uses across a wide range of applications and in particular in Agriculture applications. Zeolite has a known ability to act as a ...

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    Measurement of Oil Content in Jatropha Curcas Seeds Application Brochure

    NMRN SOOMeOOMeMeasuring the oil content of Jatrophaseeds is important for two reasons:firstly, for non-destructive measurementof single seeds, to select high oilcontent specimens for propagation,secondly, for bulk measurement of oilcontent for trading or processing.MethodSolvent extraction techniques are often usedfor the measurement of oil content of seeds.However, they tend to be time ...

    By Oxford Instruments plc

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    Straw Blowers Brochure

    6’ 3-point 9/20" 25+ hp 1,200 lbs 4'-2" l x 3'-5" h x 5'-11" W 8’ 3-point 12/20" 35+ hp 1,500 lbs 4'-2" l x 3'-5" h x 7'-11" W 8’ Wheeled 12/20" 35+ hp 1,800 lbs 10'-5" l x 3'-11" h x 7'-11" W9281 lesaint driveFairfield, oh 45014-5457toll Free (800) 543-7166e-mail: www.finncorp.comEfficient CoverageOf Many Profit ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HydroGel Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once HydroGel B releases its stored moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. Finn HydroGel B is a plant watering aid ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN E-Tack Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN E-Tack is a specially formulated polymer that electrochemically binds soil and mulch particles together for all HydroSeeding mulch applications. Finn E-Tack can also be used to prevent dust in non-traffic areas and will aid in water penetration in soils low in organic matter. Used ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HLL Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HLL is used by land reclamation specialists, highway and commercial landscaping contractors, turf management professionals and homeowners to adjust soil pH levels. When compared with traditional agricultural and pellet-ized limestone, Finn HLL has a greater strength and is more ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HPN Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HPN is a super soluble, high phosphorous starter fertilizer aimed at sup-plying all the nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the first 4-6 weeks of new seedling life. This is a field proven nutrient product used in the turf industry for seed establishment. Finn HPN is ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN FiberPlus Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN FiberPlus is a specially coated synthetic fiber to improve the tenacity and bonding of all fiber mulches, longer fiber length provides mechanical adhe-sion to the soil surface. FiberPlus provides better germination conditions for the seed, and also prevents mulch from washing away, ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    Geoblock2 Design & Installation Overview


    By Presto Geosystems

  • Model ÜU TT - Under Pressure Valve Brochure

    The valve features an immersion cups and two sealing fluid chambers, one for over pressure and one for under pressure. The response pressures for over-pressure and under-pressure can be set independently of each other. The response pressures are determined via the weight of the respective immersion cup. The maximum filling level of the sealing fluid is determined by the height of the internal ...

    By Biogaskontor Köberle GmbH

  • Convey-All - Model CST 3400 Truck Series - Commercial Seed Tenders - User Manual

    Congratulations on your choice of a Convey-All Commercial Seed Tender to complement your seed delivery system in your agricultural operation. This equipment has been designed and manufactured to exceed the exacting standards for such equipment in the agricultural industry and will keep your seed delivery operation working at optimum efficiency. The tender is intended to be mounted onto a truck ...

    By Convey-All Industries

  • Feeding Farrowing Houses/Lactating Sows Brochure

    Correctly feeding the sow before and during lactation probably has more impact on the performance of the whole herd than any other aspect of the business. Condition is vital if she is to feed her litter with plenty of good quality milk and remain in perfect shape for the ...

    By Hampshire Feeding Systems

  • Fisiomat - Groups Feeding Systems Brochure

    The concept being the housing of sows in small groups and feeding a predetermined amount of feed, delivered simultaneously to all sows over a set period of time. One group of sows can be fed a different quantity of feed per sow to those in another group. However, within the group, the amount dispensed to each sow place is the same. The system is predominantly straw based with sows grouped ...

    By Falcon Srl

  • Mating and Boar Pens Brochure

    Pens for gilts, sows and boars is a strong and flexible solution. Well-suited for deep litter pens and pens with loose ...

    By Aco Funki A/S

  • Ad-Lib - Feeder Brochure

    Ad-lib feeder from ACO FUNKI is a feeder for lactating sows, where the sow can decide for herself how much she would like to consume from day 1 to weaning. Ad libitum lactating sow feeding helps to improve feed intake, litter weaning weight and sow reproduction and is a growing trend in the hog industry. Ad-lib feeder from ACO FUNKI allows the sow to mix feed and water in one feed, with no ...

    By Aco Funki A/S

  • Jumbo Box Pen Brochure

    Jumbo-box is a mating and gestation crate, which is perfect for stimulation and insemination of the ...

    By Aco Funki A/S

  • Model ER0600 - Corrosion Under Insulation Probe (CUI) Brochure

    Model ER0600 Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) probe is designed for measuring corrosion behavior under the insulation of jacketed pipes where corrosion may go undetected for long periods of time, resulting in unsafe operating conditions, equipment failures, and costly ...

  • HSAB - Billet Planter Brochure

    The cuttings are harvested and handled in bulk & taken directly  to the planting field for planting without intermediate storage. Seed rate - 1:20 1 hectare of cuttings to plant 20 hectares of salix, 2 cubic metres of cuttings per hectare planted, planting capacity is approx 1 hectare per ...

    By Henriksson Salix AB

  • Under Tailgate Spreader- Brochure

    Our unique, multi-position cover/backplate allows for better ...

    By Henke Manufacturing

  • Ingelvac - Model AR4 - Dual-Toxoid Atrophic Rhinitis Vaccine Brochure

    Ingelvac AR4 is currently the only dual-toxoid atrophic rhinitis product. Dual toxoid formula delivers the widest range of protection available. Helps pigs generate antibodies that neutralize the toxin produced by Bordetella bronchiseptica as well as toxins produced by Pasteurella multocida Types A&D. Protection in the piglet is provided by the maternal antibodies in colostrum. Therefore, ...

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