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  • Disc Harrows
    Showcase Product

    Disc Harrows

    By HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

    Clever alternative to vertical tillage, field cultivators, soil finishers, and tandem disc harrows. Multi-purpose tillage tool with excellent performance in both primary and secondary tillage applications. Aggressive ...

  • Strip Till Tiller
    Showcase Product

    Strip Till Tiller

    By Northwest Tillers, Inc.

    Prepares strips for planting while leaving rows of crop residues for soil enhancement by breaking down the soil completely and returning nutrients to it through the incorporation of the existing root system from ...

  • Dryer Drag Converyor
    Showcase Product

    Dryer Drag Converyor

    By Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO)

    Chain & Paddle design is gentle on grain, for higher grain quality and higher grain prices at market. Specifically designed to fit existing frame design, for fast, easy and costefficient retro-fits on 24-foot and ...

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  • Western Tractor Company Inc

    Western Tractor Company Inc

    We have four locations, situated in Lethbridge, Taber, Burdett and Medicine Hat. Western Tractor retails and supports the number 1 brand of AG, Turf, ...

  • Buckeye Tractor Co.

    Buckeye Tractor Co.

    Buckeye Tractor Co. leads in manufacturer of vegetable and specialty equipment. Bed Shapers, mulch layers, drip irrigation, planters, plastic ...

  • American Society for Horticultural Science

    American Society for Horticultural Science

    Established in 1903, the American Society for Horticultural Science is recognized around the world as one of the most respected and influential ...

  • Farmers West

    Farmers West

    Farmers West is pleased to present to you its new & improved website! Know that every effort will be make to keep this site fresh and relevant to ...

  • Superb Horticulture/AgTec

    Superb Horticulture/AgTec

    We are a specialty Crops Agricultural Equipment Supplier located in Plymouth Indiana. We started doing business in 1993 as Superb Horticulture LLC ...