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  • Improved wheat grains storage

    Improved wheat grains storage management SmartScan25 was installed at the Israeli large flour mill to improve wheat grains storage management, save costs and reduce material losses. Israeli Mills Ltd, located in the city of Tel Aviv, is one of the leading local flour providers. The mill produces various types of wheat products such as: bran, white flour, semol


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  • Pachypodium Lamerei `Lhosy`, Dwarf Madagascar Palm

    Pachypodium Lamerei `Lhosy`, Dwarf Madagascar Palm

    We were formerly selling this as P. lamerei v ramosum. Please update your ID. This Madagascar Palm only grows to about 4 feet. For those in cooler climates this variety will be easier to protect in the winter. Great for pot culture. This plant requires full sun and little water. Avoid freezing temperatures. Pachypodiums drop their leaves in the winter and sprout back in winter.