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  • Technology of Growing Bean Sprouts Case Study

    Technology of Growing Bean Sprouts Case Study

    Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans, using of soilless cultivation method in the dark or low light conditions. As the bean sprouts have features of taste of crisp, less fiber, clean and pollution-free, nutrient-rich, etc. In terms of eating, it can be dressed with sauce, fried, soup and other variety tricks, favored by customers. In ...

  • Editorial - Slam Dunks For Compost

    Editorial - Slam Dunks For Compost

    ISSUE deadlines dictate life in our office. This time around, I just couldn’t stop myself from learning more about the subject matter of the article I was writing. As a result, the entire issue was ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

    Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

    This automatic hydroponic fodder sprouting machine is an ideal machine for promoting the growth of sprouts to provide fresh green feed for animals. It can largely shorten the growth cycle of sprouts without the influence of season and climatic conditions. This sprouting machine uses automatic temperature control and automatic watering system, very easy to operate. We only need to put the seeds ...