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  • Technology of Growing Bean Sprouts Case Study

    Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans, using of soilless cultivation method in the dark or low light conditions. As the bean sprouts have features of taste of crisp, less fiber, clean and pollution-free, nutrient-rich, etc. In terms of eating, it can be dressed with sauce, fried, soup and other variety tricks, favored by customers. In ...

  • Improved wheat grains storage

    Improved wheat grains storage management SmartScan25 was installed at the Israeli large flour mill to improve wheat grains storage management, save costs and reduce material losses. Israeli Mills ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Sprout Sprayer

    Sprout Sprayer

    The production of sprouts under controlled conditions of exposure of seeds on artificial soil is a commonly used technology in the field of agricultural research and development of products for crop protection. Sprouts grown on aritificial soil are also frequently used for commercial production of vegetabels and horticulture. Controlled environmental conditions such as humidity, light and ...