Sprout Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Roller Sprout Sorter Machine
    Showcase Product

    Roller Sprout Sorter Machine

    By Tumoba B.V.

    The Tumoba sprouts sizing machine will sort your crop according to size. The machine is characterised by accuracy and working speed. The measuring system is mechanical adjustable. The uninterupted working of the rollers ...

  • Stationary Sprout Harvest Unit
    Showcase Product

    Stationary Sprout Harvest Unit

    By Tumoba B.V.

    The Tumoba ST1 is a static model with a single stripping head Pre-cut stalks of sprouts are hand-fed but first into the opened strippingknives. The operator then releases the stalk and gripping wheels pull it through ...

  • One Row Pulled Machines
    Showcase Product

    One Row Pulled Machines

    By Deman NV

    When we speak about one row machines, most likely it is about machines pulled by a tractor. This kind of machine is fixed as a trailed on the tractor. An one row machine can harvest at maximum 10 hectare of sprouts.