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  • Case study: Tobacco drying

    Case study: Tobacco drying

    ChallengeCustomer wanted to automate and optimize an old process that increases the leaf factor of tobacco. The new technology must be able to fit within the existing physical constraints of the plant structure without redesign of the facility.ApproachGeneral Kinematics was approached by the customer to qualify their process. Through the qualification, G

  • The role of the eraser packing machine

    Packing is a necessary condition for products to enter the circulation field, and the main means of achieving packaging is the use of packaging machinery. With the development of the times and the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tobacco Sorting Machine

    Tobacco Sorting Machine

    The TB5 belt laser sorter is the optical sorting solution for high capacity lamina sorting (post threshing at Green Leaf Tobacco/PMD processing lines), ensuring customer satisfaction at all times by removing any non-tobacco related material (NTRM).