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  • Engineering technology of organic fertilizer production

    Engineering technology of organic fertilizer production

    1. The main material of the organic fertilizer production line is animal manure. The ingredients (straw, waste tobacco, mango planting and processing waste, etc.) can be crushed, and some nitrogen, phosphate rock powder, etc. can be added properly. Adjust the ratio of nutrients to carbon and nitrogen, carbon to ...

  • Case study: Tobacco drying

    Case study: Tobacco drying

    Challenge Customer wanted to automate and optimize an old process that increases the leaf factor of tobacco. The new technology must be able to fit within the existing physical constraints of the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tobacco Stripper

    Tobacco Stripper

    Thanks to their easy design and original ideas, the tobacco stripper by De Cloet Ltd. are very easy to use machines. The constant choice of simplicity and quality helps tobacco farmers both in the mechanization and in reducing maintenance times. Moreover the last applied and patented innovations optimize harvester performances: an additional roller facilitates leaves entrance to the central ...