Turnip Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Turnip Celery Cleaner
    Showcase Product

    Turnip Celery Cleaner

    By Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    Construction: galvanised cover: stainless steel.Engine: 1.5 kw.3 brushes of 1 meter length with nylon core.Adjustable for big and little turnips.Waterconsumption: ca. 1,500 liter an hour.Capacity: ca. 1,800 – ...

  • Turnip Celery Treatment
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    Turnip Celery Treatment

    By Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    This machine is designed to harvest celery in all circumstances.At the front of the harvester, 2 stainless steel torpedoes are attached to lift the leaves. This ensures an ideal grip of the clip bindings on the ...

  • Turnip Harvesters
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    Turnip Harvesters


    Asa-Lift is specialized in making harvesters for red beet, parsnip and turnip, and have 75 years of experience in the market.Asa-Lift offers a wide range of optional equipment for the harvesters, in order to ...