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  • Sunflower Seeds Color Sorter

    Sunflower Seeds Color Sorter

    Sunflower Seeds Color Sorter Function 1. Working for shelled sunflower seeds, to separate the white color, yellow color, dark color shelled seeds.2. Working for sunflower seeds kernel, to get rid of the dark seeds/worm bited seeds.3. LINPRO color sorter not only can used to separate raw sunf


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  • Precision Pneumatic Seeders

    Precision Pneumatic Seeders

    Precise seeding is the key to production of high-quality vegetables. MAX PNEUMATIC was designed to meet the constantly growing needs and demands of the vegetable market. Our device is a modern, functional and top quality pneumatic single seed seeder, which is suitable for almost all kinds of vegetables including : carrot, cabbage, parsley, cauliflower, onion, small radish, sugar beet, parsnip ...