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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis Systems - User Manual

    Leaf Area Index: In some types of canopy you can estimate leaf area index (LAI) with reasonable accuracy. For best results a BF3 sensor should also be ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis Systems - Datasheet

    SunScan uses field measurements of PAR in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index and biomass ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model HemiView HEMIv9 - Forest Canopy Image Analysis System - User Manual

    The self-levelling mount SLM9 is intended for use with either a tripod or a monopod. It helps keep a camera and fisheye lens aligned to the horizon and North. This is necessary when taking hemispherical photos for use with Delta-T’s HemiView canopy analysis ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model HemiView HEMIv9 - Forest Canopy Image Analysis System - Datasheet

    Hemispherical image analysis for forest canopies. HemiView provides detailed and authoritative analysis of hemispherical ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Intelligent Canopy for Weaners Brochure

    Placing a cover in a weaning pen stops the warm from air raising, and makes the area that needs heating smaller. It reduces draughts and gives a lower heat consumption. Making it intelligent prevents drawbacks as dunging and saves even more heat. Making the cover intelligent reduces the heat consumption to one tenth of the consumption with a regular cover. And to one fortieth if you have no ...

    By VengSystem A/S

  • Walbrook Overdoor Canopy Brochure

    This modern and elegant Walbrook Overdoor Canopy is an all-weather solution for sheltering doors, windows, smoking designated areas, bicycle parking areas, mail boxes and air conditioning or air vents. The Walbrook provides your door or entranceway with a generous sheltered area and is available in two different widths, 1.5 metres to suit a single-door entrance and 2.05 metres to suit a ...

    By TW Plastics

  • Crescent Canopy Brochure

    The soft flowing curves of the roof make the Crescent Canopy a stylish and contemporary addition to your property. The wide and high entrance within this freestanding canopy gives easy and safe access, making it suitable for many outdoor cover applications. The Crescent carport protects your vehicles from snow, rain, harmful UV rays or leaves shedding and also provides an elegant garden ...

    By TW Plastics

  • Arning - - Canopy Systems Brochure

    CANOPY SYSTEMS PETROLEUM ? CNG ? SOLAR 1.800.732.5074 Setting the standard by which all canopies are measured 1.800.732.5074 1.800.732.5074 For more than 30 years, Arning has been a nationwide leader in the de-sign, production, manufacturing, and installation of canopy systems for the Gas Station & Convenience Store in-dustry. Our continued ...

    By Arning Companies Inc.

  • RBI - Solar Canopy Carport Brochure

    Each solar carport project is customized to a client's needs, creating the most functional and cost-effective solar installation ...

    By RBI Solar Inc.

  • LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer Brochure

    LAI-2200C Plant Canopy AnalyzerWorld Standard for Indirect LAI MeasurementsThe LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer calculates Leaf Area Index (LAI) and other canopy structure attributes from radiation measure-ments made with a fisheye optical sensor (148° field of view). Measurements made above and below the canopy are used to deter-mine canopy light interception at five angles, from which LAI is ...

    By DMP Ltd.

  • Model CI-110 - Plant Canopy Imager Brochure

    The CI-110’s digital platform enables you to simultaneously capture wide-angle plant canopy images and estimate Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) levels from a single canopy scan. No more taking multiple scans above and below the canopy…leave your tree-climbing equipment at ...

    By CID Bio-Science, Inc.

  • Solaire - Model 360 S - Single Incline Canopy Parking System Brochure

    The Solaire 360 S is a single incline canopy designed to maximize the economic return of a solar parking system; tapered purlins and crossbeams allow for longer cantilevers and smaller member sizes. The 360 S has been installed on multiple corporate campuses, at schools, and at a casino, and primarily supports markets with lighter snow loads. The Solaire 360 S features a standard minimum drive ...

    By Solaire Generation

  • Orchard Sprayers 150SR- Brochure

    REV_MAR_2011Electrostatic Spraying Systems manufactures sprayers utilizing its patented MaxCharge™ technology. For more details please visit our website,, or contact a representative at (706)769-0025.Call today for the best possible deal on a 150SR sprayer for your operation.Electrostatic Means Better Spray CoverageElectrostaticSpraying Systems150SRSuperchargedOrchard Sprayer• ...

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Datasheet

    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour. This is a major determinant of water loss from plant leaves and of CO2 uptake in ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor - Datasheet

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement to its class‐leading soil moisture measurement capabilities. The ML3 ThetaProbe makes it easy to take reliable, accurate soil moisture measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil, connect your data logger or meter, provide 5‐14V DC at 18mA, and within seconds you can be measuring soil moisture. The ThetaProbe’s ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ML3 ThetaProbe Data Sheet

    The new ThetaProbe has extra features, improved performance and a new look. With its 1% accuracy the ThetaProbe continues to set the standard for soil moisture measurement but now also measures soil ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Leaf Wetness Sensor Information Brochure

    DDECAGONDEVICESINNOVATIVE and easy-to-use, the newDielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor enablesaccurate and affordable leaf wetnessmonitoring. Many fungal and bacterialdiseases affect plants only when moisture ispresent on the leaf surface. The Leaf WetnessSensor determines the presence and durationof wetness on a leaf’s surface, enablingresearchers and producers to forecast diseaseand protect plant ...

    By METER Group, Inc.

  • REVERSE - Model PLN - Trailed Airblast Sprayer Brochure

    In the REVERSE series, the air intake of the fan unit is at the front (opposite). It is ideal for vineyards as the front intake considerably reduces pick-up of leaves from the ...

  • A1000 - Growth Chamber Brochure

    ®One Chamber. Four Research Applications.A1000MULTI-PURPOSEREACH-INADAPTABILITY• Base chamber can be ? tted with one of four specially con? gured kitsHUMIDITY• Up to 90%RH*• Control accuracy: ±6%*ACCESS• Door with light tight magnetic gasket seal and keyed locks• Observation windowThe Conviron A1000 is a multi-platform chamber that offers the versatility for more than one type of ...

    By Conviron

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