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    Hydroponics Brochure

    A technique of growing plants in nutrient solution”. Hydroponics literally means water-working or wateractivation. It is a cultivation technique for growing plants in highly oxygenated, nutrient enriched water, rather than soil. The nutrient solution and its management are the cornerstone for a successful hydroponics system. The function of a hydroponics nutrient solution is to supply the ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Myron - Hydroponics Instrumentation - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit Datasheet

    Features : Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH • Monitor measures TDS • All instruments are easy to operate and calibrate • High degree of accuracy • Immediate results • Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate • Temperature Compensated ...

    By Myron L Company

  • Agrónic - Model 54 - Hydroponic Fertigation Unit Brochure

    Agrónic 54 is a unit that regulates the electrical conductivity (EC) of the irrigation water, through the injection of 2 possible fertilizers, as well as the pH of the same, through acid or base ...

  • Agrónic - Model 5000 - Hydroponic Fertigation Controller Brochure

    Agrónic 5000 is a controller for the supply of the exact amount of water and fertilizer in accordance with conductivity, acidity and solar ...

  • AGRONIC - Model 7000 - Hydroponic Fertigation Controller Brochure

    Agrónic 7000 is the most complete controller for hydroponic and conventional fertigation. Designed for the control of irrigation, fertilization by EC and by time or volume units, acidity regulation, fertilizer mixing, pumping, filter cleaning, drainage, reading of sensors and conditioning programs by ...

  • Drippers, Hydroponic systems,Controllers, Electrovalves, Garden fittings (pdf)

    S???????SDRIPPERSS?S?????? ?????????SHYDROPONIC SYSTEMS???G???????S??SCONTROLLERS???????????SELECTROVALVES???? ?????GARDEN FITTINGSS???????SDRIPPERSS?S?????? ?????????SHYDROPONIC SYSTEMS???G???????S??SCONTROLLERS???????????SELECTROVALVES???? ?????GARDEN FITTINGS20??T????????S S???????S S? ??G?? G?? G??S??? / REGULATED DRIPPER WITH SPIKE FOR FLOWER POT??at??eta? a?a??t??? p??sp??t??? / Ask for our ...

    By Agrodrip S.A

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Horticultureultraviolet technology for Hydroponics & Agricultureatg uV technologyGenesis Houserichmond HillPembertonWiganWN5 8AAunited Kingdom AtG uV tecHNoloGy Are MArKet leADerS iN tHe cuStoM DeSiGN, ProDuctioN, iNStAllAtioN AND MAiNteNANce oF ultrAViolet treAtMeNt SySteMS For A rANGe oF APPlicAtioNS.With over twenty five years of industry experience atg UV Technology are market leaders, whose ...

    By atg UV Technology

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Modern growing practices include scientific evaluations of soil, water, fertilizers, diseases, etc. While some tests are best performed by a laboratory, others can be easily conducted on location, saving time and money. Three tests in particular, EC, pH, and ALKALINITY, can reveal valuable information about water quality, soil salinity, and fertilizer concentration. Myron L Company’s ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Delta-T - WET-2 - WET Sensor - Datasheet

    Water Content Electrical Conductivity Temperature COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR HORTICULTURALISTS AND GROWERS Moisture and nutrient status in the root zone The WET Sensor from Delta-T Devices is essential equipment when accurate measurement in soil and substrates is vital to your business The Delta-T WET Sensor has crucial applications in precision horticulture and soil science research, and is ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • 210VC - Tomato/Vine System Brochure

    210VC Vine Crop SystemDescriptionGrow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries, peas, or any long-term vine crops. If you're new to hydroponic growing and want to grow one of these crops, the 210VC Tomato/Vine System was designed especially for you to get hands-on experience with a very well thought out, easy to assemble and operate, hydroponic system.The 210VC System measures 2-ft ...

    By American Hydroponics

  • DHL-H3

    Please read this manual carefully to ensure correct use of the product. The Warranty Card is enclosed in the manual. This product is jointly researched and developed by Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services and DAESAN Precision Co., Ltd. www.365grow.co.kr/english ? : +82-31-451-2042~3 1 2 Specifications Model No. LED Hydroponic System, DHL-H3/H4/S2/S3 Light LED lamp for ...

    By Daesan Precision Co., Ltd.

  • FloraNova Bloom Brochure

    One-Part NutrientOne-Part NutrientFloraNovaFloraNovap012711am®Manufactured by GH Inc., P.O. Box 1576 Sebastopol, CA 95473, USA FloraNova® Bloom Promotes Vigorous Flowering & Fruitset.• Superb for Hydroponic and Soil Cultivation• Super Concentrated & pH stabilized• Outstanding for all kinds of plants • Use for flowering and fruiting phaseFloraNova represents a breakthrough in fertilizer ...

    By General Hydroponics

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    HydroNov Products Catalogue

    HydroNov Inc. is currently installing greenhouse's hydroponic growing systems with complete operational back-up for customers around the world. Built over the success of a small research and development project at the beginning of the Eighties that has been able to create from scratch a unique growing system, the Deep Water Floating Rafts Technology. This technique draw interest from growers and ...

    By HydroNov Inc.

  • XILEMA - Intelligent Fertigation Catalog

    The XILEMA Fertigation Systems manage the fertilizer’s dose in the water according to the pH, EC, sun radiation and water quality (depending on models). XILEMA fits every need. XILEMA has been technically designed in order to carry out a precise fertilizer injection. Thousands of XILEMA systems manage crops all over the world. A team of professionals designs, manufactures and tests each ...

    By Novedades Agrícolas S.A.

  • Hortipray - 0-52-34 (MKP) - Monopotassium Phosphate Datasheet

    Quality – Purity – Solubility – AvailabilityMonopotassium Phosphate (MKP)0 52 34Hortipray® MKP is a soluble monopotassium phosphate fertiliser in the form of a free flowing crystalline powder.BenefitsHortipray® MKP quickly dissolves to provide the much needed phosphorous and potassium to plants at all growth stages, in hydroponics as well as soil grown crops. Our product is free of chlorine, ...

    By Prayon Group

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