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    Algae Control in Irrigation Reservoirs brochure

    Water used for irrigation can contain high levels of nutrients; some of these nutrients are beneficial for the plants watered, but can also lead to extensive algal growth. Algae in irrigation reservoirs can clog the irrigation system and can also be spread over the irrigated ...

    By LG Sonic

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    Flow Monitoring for Golf Course Irrigation Brochure

    Summerheights Golf Links in Cornwall, Ontario draws irrigationwater from the South Raisin River.Under a water extraction permit issued by the Ministry of TheEnvironment in 2009 the golf course is allowed to draw amaximum of 500,000 liters per day at a flow rate not to exceed1,380 liters per minute (and 600,000 liters per day at max 1660liters per minute after July 1).To measure and control water ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.

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    Solution for Irrigation Water Flow Monitoring in Submerged Culverts Application Brochure

    Raymond Irrigation District (RID) measures the flow rate of waterdelivered to over 300 municipal andagricultural water users in46,000 acres of irrigated land andSouthern Alberta, Canada.Most of the RID’s flow monitoring applications are in open channels orpartially filled culverts. For help with this submerged culvert applicationthey turned to the irrigation engineering firm Wilde Bros ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.

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    The Real, Complete solution for Irrigation - Brochure

    Irritec manufactures irrigation products designed to offer a complete irrigation system providing quality as well as water efficiency. Manufacturer since 1974. Irritec boasts a wide range of fittings and accessories which are easy to install and extremely reliable over the long ...


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    Irritec iSiplastTape Drip Irrigation System Brochure

    The iSiplastTape, with close spacing between emitters and low flow rates, performs best when used in permeable soils that are usually employed for vegetables and flowers. The drip tape iSiplastTape is the ideal solution for the irrigation in open field or greenhouses. Tomatoes, water melons, melons, strawberries, vegetables marrow, peppers, eggplants, asparagus, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, ...


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    isiplastTape Complete Drip Irrigation System - Flyer

    Irritec® are leading companies in the irrigation world market, dedicated to providing high quality products and professional solutions for all growing needs. Our products, backed by a team of experts applying the most advanced solutions, are the perfect tools for an accurate management of both water and fertilizers ...


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    P1 Complete Drip Irrigation System Flyer

    Irritec are leading companies in the irrigation world market, dedicated to providing high quality products and professional solutions for all growing needs. Our products, backed by a team of experts applying the most advanced solutions, are the perfect tools for an accurate management of both water and fertilizers ...


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    Model P1 - Drip Irrigation Flow System Brochure

    The new protected flow system devised by the Irritec research department allows the P1 to be buried in the soil without problems caused by aspiration of mud and detritus, and reduces the risk of root intrusion to a minimum. The system works through a special “flap” design of the outlet hole.  During the irrigation cycle the flap opens, allowing an even flow of water; when the ...


  • Irrigation Manual

    PVC pipes and fittings are in metric sizes. A 32mm pipe is 32mm external diameter. A32mm socket is 32mm internal diameter, ie. it fits the 32mm pipe. Some fittings can be used either internally or externally and this would be shown as, for example, 25/32mm, being 25mm internal – to go over 25mm pipe, or 32m external – to go inside a 32mm ...

    By Hortisystems Uk Ltd

  • Irrigation Brochure

    Accessories 14 Irrigation computers 7Claber computers 7 Micro irrigation 20Drip irrigation 17 Sprinkler stands 5Electric valves 11 Sprinklers 1Glasshouse irrigation 16 Valve boxes 12Hunter Irrigation computers 10Doornhoek 39505465 TC VeghelK.v.K. ‘s-Hertogenbosch 160.70.577VAT nr. NL8108.72.626B01Tel: +31 (0) 413-29.39.18Fax:+31 (0) 413-29.38.01Email: sales@sibo.nlMarch 2012 ...

  • ARILI - Drip Irrigation System - Manual

    Drip Irrigation is giving the necessary water and soluble nutriments at the time when it is required and amount needed to the root area of the plant as drips in a controlled way. In drip irrigation method, water is given frequently and in low amounts. Irrigation should begin before the earth loses its humidity and enough water for one day or couple days should be given to the plant. By this way, ...

    By Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

  • Prefabricated Concrete Irrigation Channels Brochure

    For irrigation and the channelling of water, Fattori boasts a wide range of irrigation channels; concrete channels resting on concrete plinths cast on site, enabling the rapid creation of a channel network. The type of channel used is chosen according to the needs of the farmer and the flow rates of the water that the irrigation channels must hold. We are able to complete orders quickly, using ...

    By Fattori Srl

  • Zimmatic - Mobile Irrigation Pivots Brochure

    Irrigate more acres without buying more equipment. Zimmatic offers three mobile irrigation solutions that allow you to spread your investment over multiple fields. All Zimmatic mobile pivots feature reinforced wheel hubs that swivel easily into towing ...

    By Lindsay Corporation

  • Racecourse Irrigator Brochure

    The Briggs Racecourse Irrigator has been developed specifically for the demands of the modern racing World and has been introduced on many courses in the UK and around the ...

    By Briggs Irrigation

  • Grenhouses Irrigation System Brochure

    grenhouses irrigation systemAll models can aspire and mix one to eight fertilizer and concentrates of two acid or basesolutions. EVOJET provides a dual measurement and control pH and EC (2 +2). The basic model controls 24 valves that can be expanded up to 144. Each set of valves can be working with 32 differents formulas. A control system for precision in the flow line can control the ...

    By Deltalene Group







  • Micro Series - Irrigation Travelers

    The new Micro Series Irrigation Travelers from ABI are ideally suited for sports fields, landscape areas, horse arenas, and smal acreage farms requiring irrigation at an affordable cost. Micro 405 and 505 offer a dependable and economical solution with simple operation and minimal labor ...

  • Robust Irrigation Gates Brochure

    Watch Technologies makes Irrigation Gates (also called Sluice Gates or Slide Gates) in all sizes that are durable, simple by design, easily maintained, customizable, and ready for any sort of actuation and automation. All WT gates are made in the U.S.A.  WT Irrigation Gate meets or exceeds AWWA C561 standards.  WT gates are available with or without a “brain”: WT offers ...

    By Watch Technologies

  • Folding Irrigation Boom- Brochure

    ALA PIOVANA PIEGHEVOLEIn acciaio zincato a caldo FOLDING IRRIGATION BOOMIn hot galvanized steelRAMPE PLIABLEEn acier galvanise a chaudDuesenwagenEinklappbarKomplett Feuerverzinkt ALA PIOVANA PIEGHEVOLEFOLDING IRRIGATION BOOM - RAMPE PLIABLE - EINKLAPPBARER-DUESENWAGENVERSION GV-20/60 Mt.Struttura 20 mt. – Fascia irrigata mt. 60 Structure 20 mt. – Irrigation area 60 mt.Structure 20 ...

    By GIAMPI S.R.L.

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