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  • Model RootX - Foaming Root Control Aquatic Herbicide Dichlobenil Brochure

    RootX is the effective foaming root control solution for your plumbing professional. RootX kills roots in residential sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems. Root intrusion left untreated can restrict flow, cause complete blockage and can eventually destroy a sewer or septic system, costing you thousands of dollars to repair or ...

    By RootX

  • Model FDU 300 - Roots Applicator Brochure

    Introducing the new FDU 300 applicator — perfect for quick and easy mainline application. With new stainless steel construction, you can treat a 300-400 foot line segment in only 10 minutes. Use the FDU 300 applicator with existing jetter equipment to avoid expensive retrofitting. With up to a three-year guarantee on 8-inch and larger pipes, you can't afford to pass on the FDU 300 for your ...

    By RootX

  • Intellislope - Tile Plow Control System Brochure

    Ag Leader’s Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing farm drainage tile through its RTK GPS receiver, which installs tile on grade throughout the entire run. Laser surveying equipment and adjustments during tiling are obsolete. The Intellislope makes the process more accurate and reliable, no longer subject to fluctuating weather conditions or grade variations in changing ...

    By Soil-Max

  • Rain for Rent - - Sprinkler Irrigation System Brochure

    Sprinkler IrrigationOverview:Features:Rain for Rent is a leader in sprinkler irrigation rentals and sales. From mainline pressurizing pumps to mainline installation, we offer every part of a sprinkling system from gasket to pipe and sprinkler ends.Since 1934, growers and producers have trusted Rain for Rent to deliver thoroughly cost-effective liquid handling solutions. Thanks to generations of ...

    By Rain for Rent

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Atg UV’s state-of-the-art ultraviolet technology ensures effective disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals. With over twenty five years of industry experience atg UV Technology are market leaders, whose state-of-the- art UV product range has provided a vast range of industries with advanced technology solutions for a variety of applications worldwide. With a number of units ...

    By atg UV Technology

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    Delta-T - Types SWT5 & SWT5x - Miniature Tensiometer - User Manual

    Electrical installations must comply with the safety and EMC requirements of the country in which the system is to be used. Please note that any damage caused by handling errors are out of our control and therefore are not covered by guarantee. Tensiometers are instruments for measuring the soil water tension, and soil water pressure and are designed for this purpose ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Quick - Valves - Datasheet

    The Quick Valve is the answer to many growers’ wish for reducing the drainage time in terms of ebb/flow tables and so improving the control of plant and root growth. The Quick Valve has been equipped with a separate drainage device, functioning according to the siphon principle. Consequently, the drainage time is reduced with up to 80% compared to traditional ebb/flow ...

    By Danvan A/S

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    Delta-T - Model SWT4 & SWT4R - Rugged Soil Tensiometer - Manual

    Electrical installations must comply with the safety and EMC requirements of the country in which the system is to be used. Please note that any damage caused by handling errors are out of our control and therefore are not covered by guarantee. Tensiometers are instruments for measuring the soil water tension, and soil water pressure and are designed for this purpose ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Agriweld - 130C - Box Rotator Brochure

    We are situated on the A166 betweenYork and Driffield.Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. TEL: 01377 259140FAX: 01377 259141Email: sales@agriweld.co.ukWebsite: www.agriweld.co.ukMain Street, Garton on the Wolds,Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 3ETContact UsVisit Us1. High visibility, compact unit with robust construction. Designed and constructed as the 180C.2. Unique ...

    By Agriweld Ltd

  • AirDrain for Sports Fields Brochure

    AirDrain – What drains better than Air? For Natural Turf Thru a research project conducted at Texas A&M, it was concluded that you can reduce your irrigation needs using AirField Systems AirDrain. The five year research project was jointly funded by the United States Golf Association and AirField Systems and was a collaborative effort between Texas A&M, AirField Systems and the United States ...

    By Airfield Systems, LLC

  • DrainGauge Operator’s Manual Brochure

    DrGee Pain Gaugeassive Capillary LysimeterOperator’s ManualVersion 4Decagon D2365 NE HPullman WTel: 1-509-evices, Inc.opkins CourtA 99163 USA332-2756Drain Gauge User’s ManualContentsContents1. Introduction . . Welcome . . . . . Contact InformaWarranty InforSeller’s Liability2. Installing the DLocation PreparExcavation. . . . Method 1 (DisMethod 2 (IntInstallation - WInstallation - DivMethod 1 ...

    By METER Group, Inc.

  • UT Chlorine Dioxide Brochure

    UT Engineering bvDeventerThe Netherlandstel. +31 570 629455info@ut-engineering.nl www.ut-engineering.nlChlorine DioxideApplications• Powerful disinfectant and biocide• Vegetable and fl ower bulb washing• Prevents and removes bio-fi lm• Cooling towers• Potable water• Hot and cold water systems• Scrubbers• Treating Iron bacteria• Legionella control• Chlorine dioxide can be used as a ...

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    Model 14.04.03 - Standard Tensiometer Manual

    The standard tensiometer consists of a clear transparent plastic tube with a ceramic cup at the bottom end and a manometer at the top. The standard tensiometer is delivered in various lengths allowing the execution of simultaneous measurements at various depths in the root zone. For pre-drilling special auger sets can be ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • Bioline - Pressure Compensating Dripline - Brochure

    WASTEWATER DIVISIONPRODUCT ADVANTAGES• Pressure compensation - all drippers deliver equal flow, even on sloped or rolling terrain.• Unique flow path - Turbonet technology provides more control of water and a high resistance to clogging.• Continuous self-flushing dripper design - flushes debris, as it is detected - throughout operation, not just at the beginning or end of a cycle. Ensures ...

    By Netafim USA

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    Model 14.50 - Electronic Tensimeter Manual

    The electronic tensimeter is a portable pressure sensor in a bag for measurement of the moisture tension in the soil, measured through a tensiometer tube placed in the soil. The measuring device can be moved from tensiometer tube to tensiometer tube allowing an unlimited number of measurements over a short period of time. The hypodermic needle of the tensimeter is fitted on the tensiometer tube ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • DHL-H3

    Please read this manual carefully to ensure correct use of the product. The Warranty Card is enclosed in the manual. This product is jointly researched and developed by Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services and DAESAN Precision Co., Ltd. www.365grow.co.kr/english ? : +82-31-451-2042~3 1 2 Specifications Model No. LED Hydroponic System, DHL-H3/H4/S2/S3 Light LED lamp for ...

    By Daesan Precision Co., Ltd.

  • Netafim - Model CoolNet Pro - Foggers - Brochure

    SpinNet SprinklerSprinkler Systems Design GuideN E T A F I M U S AAutomatedWateringSystemsfor Greenhouseand Nursery2SpinNetSprinklerDry AreasWet AreaTraditional sprinkler layout spaces the sprinklers “head to head” or at a spacing equal to the radius of the sprinkler throw. For larger areas, the patterns are overlapped creating both wet and dry areas.Traditional “Head to Head” Overlap.Low Cost ...

    By Netafim USA

  • Model SRW1400 - Windrower Brochure

    Transports at an ultra narrow width of 93” (2.36 M). Windrows 2” to 25” rocks with ease, forming them into neat uniform rows. Power is supplied to the windrower drum via a heavy duty PTO drive line which includes a slip clutch and shear bolt arrangement for protect ion against excessive shock loads. The final drive chain is totally enclosed for longer service life. The windrower ...

    By Schulte Industries Ltd.

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    EC-Probe for Soil Salinity Measurements Manual

    In irrigation areas, one is often confronted with salinization problems. In order to acquire the necessary understanding regarding these issues, it is very important to check the salinity of the soil regularly. Also in examining ecosystems that are influenced by salt water (lagoons, etc), it is necessary that we know the salinity of the soil. In some countries, salinization problems can occur in ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • AutoPot Products Catalogue

    From the greenhouse in your garden to acres of commercial glasshouses; AutoPot can provide any grower of any ability with a watering system, large or small, that will far exceed their expectations. Thanks to the AQUAvalve technology; AutoPot is the only watering system in the world where each individual plant controls their own irrigation and receives fresh nutrient enriched water exactly when ...

    By AutoPot Global Ltd.

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