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    Algae Control in Irrigation Reservoirs brochure

    Water used for irrigation can contain high levels of nutrients; some of these nutrients are beneficial for the plants watered, but can also lead to extensive algal growth. Algae in irrigation reservoirs can clog the irrigation system and can also be spread over the irrigated ...

    By LG Sonic

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    Delta-T - WET-2 - WET Sensor - Datasheet

    Water Content Electrical Conductivity Temperature COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR HORTICULTURALISTS AND GROWERS Moisture and nutrient status in the root zone The WET Sensor from Delta-T Devices is essential equipment when accurate measurement in soil and substrates is vital to your business The Delta-T WET Sensor has crucial applications in precision horticulture and soil science research, and is ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Benefits of Bark Blowing - Brochure

    Mulch improves the appearance of yards and beds by giving it a complete, attractive and finished appeal that everyone desires to enhance the beauty, uniformity, color and texture of their landscape. Using a Bark Blower to distribute and spread the mulch can not only save time and money, but provide for a smooth and clean application. There is no need for messy piles, sloppy labor or inconsistent ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Datasheet

    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour. This is a major determinant of water loss from plant leaves and of CO2 uptake in ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Cyclone - Model ULV - Electric Cold Fogger - Brochure

    A precision ULV electric cold fogger that dispenses both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently. There's no guesswork when using the Cyclone ULV cold fogger. It can apply both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently. The Cyclones' ultra-precision metering valve assures particle size less than 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of the solution. This ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Delta-T - Model HemiView HEMIv9 - Forest Canopy Image Analysis System - Datasheet

    Hemispherical image analysis for forest canopies. HemiView provides detailed and authoritative analysis of hemispherical ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ML3 ThetaProbe - Soil Moisture Sensor - Datasheet

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement to its class - leading soil moisture measurement capabilitie. The ML3 ThetaProbe makes it easy to take reliable, accurate soil moisture measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil, connect your da ta logger or meter, provide 5 - 14 V DC at 18 mA, and within seconds you can be measuring soil ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Aqua Designer 6.3 Brochure

    Simple Handling: The main level in AQUA DESIGNER leads you through the complete design process. The actual step of planning and the according design and engineering options are displayed. Chinese Design Guidelines: You can select the german/european or chinese guidelines. The chinese guidelines has been developed and implemented in collaboration with chinese experts and our partners. The ...

    By BITControl GmbH

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    Tornado - Model ULV - Electric Cold Fogger - Brochure

    A multi-range electric cold fogger that dispenses both water and oil based solutions in heavy mists or in ULV particle sizes. ith a variable rate, precision control metering valve, a 3 gallon formulation tank and a 2-stage blower, the Tornado is one of the most versatile electric cold fog machines available. The Tornado applies both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently indoors ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Model i-Series - Intelligent Sensors for Level Measurement Brochure

    NIVUS i-Sensors supply levels or measured values as proportional analog 4 - 20 mAsignal and as digital signal using the HART protocol (version 7), which uses the frequencies 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz to modulate readings to the power signal. Accurate measurement values are the result of sophisticated signal processing in conjuntion with refined temperature compensation. Typical tank shapes from a ...

    By NIVUS GmbH

  • Bracke - Model T21.b - Disc Trencher Brochure

    The Bracke T21.b is designed for smaller forwarders and larger agricultural tractors and is perfect for scarifying smaller sites. Scarification with the T21.b gives plants and seeds a good start for growth and ...

    By Bracke Forest AB

  • mahua cultivation technology

    [DATE] MAHUA CULTIVATION TECHNOLOGY [A NEW SOURCE OF BIODIESEL] [Mahua is: ? a dry tropical deciduous forest tree easy to plant & harvest. ? Matures and starts bearing 4 to & fruits up to 60 years ? Yield 405 l alcohol/tone dried flower. ? Seeds contain 50% oil for biodiesel ?Carbon sequestration. ? Food for fuel – can be grown on marginal lands and produces stock food at the same time as ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center

  • Trailed Wrapper FW 36- Brochure

    TRAILED WRAPPERFW 36Advantages:1 - The bale is discharged in vertical position2 - Simple, fast and efficient to use3 - Film stretcher 500 or 750 mm, 3 rolls, adjustable film stretcher: perfectly wrapped bale for effective silageprocess4 - Safe transport, wide track and stability in working position5 - Manual control and rev counter/manual control and automatic stop: tailored to user’s need6 - ...

    By Tonutti Wolagr S.p.A

  • InstaPotter - Model Pro - Potting Machine Brochure

    The Insta Potter Pro is designed for efficient potting of bare root materials into containers ranging from 4” to 18” diameter with an optional 24” wide conveyor upgrade.A variable speed low-profile 2 yard hopper (optional 4 yard) provides a consistent flow of material over an 18” wide variable speed planting conveyor, allowing the grower to set the pace of production. An automatic soil return ...

    By Bouldin & Lawson, LLC

  • Model CHT 5 - Commercial Hopper Tanks Brochure

    Hopper tanks from Chief Agri/Industrial Division offer the same ease of installation and unparalleled strength found in the Chief commercial grain bin line. Engineered from the highest quality materials, they provide the long term reliability and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Chief. For wet holding, storage or load-out, contact Chief to maximize your storage ...

    By Chief Industries, Inc.

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    IBULyzer - Determination of Beer Bitterness Units - Brochure

    The predominant source of bitterness in beer is formed by the iso-α acids, derived from acids which are naturally present in the flowers of the female hop plant. With a huge variation in bitterness compounds and perceived differences in bitterness taste, beer bitterness tests have become an essential part of quality control in commercial beer production. Contrary to highly selective methods ...

    By AppliTek NV

  • Chief - Model CB12 - Commercial Bins Brochure

    Offering more roof options – including peak load capacity of up to 50,000 lbs. (22,680 kg) on Chief’s larger bins! Chief offers a wide range of standard and optional roofs to meet your desired peak load capacity for your specific operation and handle snow loads for your geographic location.  Included is the optional 50K roof which can increase peak load capacity to 50,000 lbs ...

    By Chief Industries, Inc.

  • Langemann - Gate Datasheet

    Invented by Peter Langemann, the Langemann Gate was developed through a cooperative effort between St. Mary River Irrigation District, Peter Langemann and Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. (AS2I). The Langemann gate, used in conjunction with one of AS2I’s controllers, provides solutions to a host of water control problems. The patented design has gained recognition due to its simplicity, overshot ...

    By Aqua Systems 2000 Inc.

  • Impact Crusher (PB) & Impact Mill (PM) Brochure

    BHS offers a wide variety of impact crushers (type PB) and mills (type PM) with horizontal shaft and ranging from low to medium capacity. With BHS impact crushers and mills, you obtain excellent crushing results with a constant grain-size curve. In the last few years, the machines have been fully redesigned based on extensive research. For you, the result is better crushing performance and lower ...

    By BHS-Sonthofen GmbH


    Jojoba is an evergreen, drought-hardy shrub, seed contain 50% oil . Jojoba is the only plant known to pro- duce this oil, composed of fatty alcohols and fatty acids instead of glycerol and fatty acids like most oils. . It can withstand extreme drought, high temperature, salinity and poor soil conditions, its suitability in areas where no agricultural crop can thrive, along ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center

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