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  • Pot-in-Pot Planter Brochure

    Nurserymen know trees, plants and shrubs planted in pots that are buried in the ground stand up to winter winds and cold temperatures better than those in above-ground pots. GK Machine’s Pot-in-Pot Planter helps get those pots in and out of the ground fast and efficiently. Nursery pots are set in the ground and liner pots containing the plants are inserted, making a double pot system that ...

    By GK Machine, Inc.

  • Potting Robot Machine Brochure

    The potting-robot has been developed to pick up a couple of pots and to put them down in another place, for example, from a conveyorbelt to a mobile ...

    By HETO Agrotechnics

  • Model H15 - Potting Machine Brochure

    The pottingmachine is an universal machine for automatically filling pots with a diameter of 5,5 to 24 cm. By an adjustment it is possible to use the diameter of the flower pots to expand to 48 cm. In other words: the pottingmachine is suitable to fill sizes from mini pots to buckets ! To drill a plant hole is also one of the standard functions of the HETO pottingmachine H15. Several drill holes ...

    By HETO Agrotechnics

  • Model 4016 - Potting Machines Brochure

    The 4016 is large enough for heavy filling.  It can process pots up to 42 cm and drills plant holes up to 23 cm.  With the machine, bare roots can easily be potted.  The pot ring is voluntarily kept low to enable ergonomic potting.  Thanks to the central adjustment of the potting ring it is not difficult to switch to a different  pot size.   The pot dispenser ...

    By Demaitere bvba - demtec

  • Model 3016 - Potting Machines Brochure

    The 3016 fills both small pot sizes at high speed and larger pots (up to 35 cm) by means of a 1 on 2 adjustment.  The machine is standard equipped with a powerful and speed-controlled drill setting.  Big favourite of bed plant growers because this machine also easily processes flower baskets, and of tree nurseries where also larger pot sizes (besides 2l and 3l pots) can be ...

    By Demaitere bvba - demtec

  • InstaPotter - Model Pro - Potting Machine Brochure

    The Insta Potter Pro is designed for efficient potting of bare root materials into containers ranging from 4” to 18” diameter with an optional 24” wide conveyor upgrade.A variable speed low-profile 2 yard hopper (optional 4 yard) provides a consistent flow of material over an 18” wide variable speed planting conveyor, allowing the grower to set the pace of production. An automatic soil return ...

    By Bouldin & Lawson, LLC

  • AgriNomix - Model SDS - Pot Dispensing System - Brochure

    The SDS Pot Dispensing System automatically dispenses pots and shuttle trays to reduce labor requirements on planting lines. Both round and square pots can be accommodated. In order to change pot sizes at the “turn of a switch,” several different size pot dispensers can be mounted in series on one belt. For longer production runs or seasonal plastic program changeovers, a single pot ...

    By AgriNomix

  • AgriNomix - Model DPM 13 - Nursery Potting Machine - Brochure

    The DPM 13 Potting Machine is capable of filling up to 3,500 pots per hour in sizes ranging from 2.75″ to 13.78″ in diameter. The standard machine is equipped with an automatic pot dispenser, pot take-off arm and drill unit. Simply add a conveyor to make a fully automated pot filling production line. Changing pot sizes is done with a crank handle and thumb screw adjustments; no tools ...

    By AgriNomix

  • American Native Plants- Brochure

    ETMNative PlantsAmericanthe comprehensive source for the restoration-landscape industry2014productcatalogOnline AvailabilityAmerican Native Plants was started as Maryland Natives Nursery and incorporated in 1998. The original intent to provide woody native plants for the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area has broadened over the years. We now supply a full line of containerized herbaceous and woody ...

    By American Native Plants

  • Easy2grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser Datasheet

    We are now happy to announce the availability of easy2grow Liquid Plant Fertiliser. This feed out performed all the rest during trials in 2007 and is now available in branded 300ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre bottles. The liquid fertiliser has been formulated to be used with all the AutoPot products when using a good quality compost/soil/perlite mix. Although many of the well known liquid ...

    By AutoPot Global Ltd.

  • Fully Automatic Plant and Equipment Brochure

    Innovation with attention to detail makes OTTE special mechanical equipment stand out. The equipment complements OTTE mobile bench and rolling mobile bench systems and turns these into fully automatic plant and equipment for plant ...

    By Otte Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG

  • Amnite - TR100 - Fungal Plant Growth Enhancer Product Data Sheet

    Amnite TR100 is suitable for application to planting mix or soil. For best results the product needs to be thoroughly incorporated during mix preparation or pot filling or incorporated into the planting beds by raking or tilling. The product is suitable for application to a wide variety of plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, ornamental flowers and ...

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

  • Premium

    SM150 - Soil Moisture Sensor - Brochure

    The SM150 from Delta-T Devices is vital when you need rapid accurate measurements of substrate moisture content The SM150 enables growers to monitor the moisture status of 1000s of plants daily. It is particularly easy to insert without damaging roots or disturbing the growing medium, and partnered with the HH150 provides a simple low-cost solution to checking the uniformity of growing ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Bufferline - Collecting System Brochure

    The bufferline is an universal collecting system for practically all kinds of pot- and tray sizes. This type of collecting system makes it possible to pick up and transplant large numbers of pots and trays with the spacing fork. By the effort of the HETO bufferline it is possible to improve the work situation of your employees during the potting, sorting and the delivery of your plants. This ...

    By HETO Agrotechnics

  • Premium

    Delta-T - WET-2 - WET Sensor - Datasheet

    Water Content Electrical Conductivity Temperature COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR HORTICULTURALISTS AND GROWERS Moisture and nutrient status in the root zone The WET Sensor from Delta-T Devices is essential equipment when accurate measurement in soil and substrates is vital to your business The Delta-T WET Sensor has crucial applications in precision horticulture and soil science research, and is ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Tea Project srl Product Brochure

    newsCUBE 600 ETransplanter for trays,compact, fastand ECONOMICCUBE 600 TTransplant into pots, directly on the output line of the pot?llertea project srlThe company was established in 1997 for the production of automatic transplanting machines for greenhouses. During the last few years, due to the increasing demand for automation in that sector, the company has widened its range, offering ...

    By Tea Project srl

  • Premium

    Grower Product Summary

    Soil Moisture ProductsDelta-T DevicesLeaders in Soil Moisture Data Logging and Plant ScienceIrrigation, horticulture and agriculture Research grade sensors and systems now available to growers¦ Monitor soil moisture¦ Improve yields and quality¦ Demonstrate water-use efficiencyTake control of your watering needs with the latest generation of accurate, dependable soil moisture sensors. The sensors ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Premium

    Jorakompost 125/270/400 Brochure

    Joraform ABBox 165595 22 MjölbyTel: +46 (0)142-232 00 Fax: +46 (0)142-230 51www.joraform.cominfo@joraform.seTested and passedThe Joracomposter has been tested andevaluated in a project comprising 466 house holds in small houses and blocks of flats and day nurseries. The results have proved most satisfactory as has been shown in the Report No. 4229 by the Swedish Authority for Environmet ...

    By Joraform AB

  • Premium

    ML3 ThetaProbe - Soil Moisture Sensor - Datasheet

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement to its class - leading soil moisture measurement capabilitie. The ML3 ThetaProbe makes it easy to take reliable, accurate soil moisture measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil, connect your da ta logger or meter, provide 5 - 14 V DC at 18 mA, and within seconds you can be measuring soil ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • Spacing Fork Brochure

    The spacing fork has been especially developed for spacing potplants in general and in ...

    By HETO Agrotechnics

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