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  • eBee Ag - Precision Agriculture Drone Technical Specifications

    Hardware Weight (inc. supplied camera): Approx. 0.71 kg (1.56 lbs) Wingspan: 96 cm (38 in) Material: EPP foam, carbon structure & composite parts Propulsion: Electric pusher propeller, 160 W brushless DC motor Battery: 11.1 V, 2150 mAh Camera (supplied): 12 MP S110 NIR Cameras (optional): S110 RE, S110 RGB, multiSPEC 4C, thermoMAP Carry case dimensions: 55 x 45 x 25 cm (21.6 x 17.7 x 9.8 in) ...

    By Ag Business & Crop Inc.

  • eBee Ag - Precision Agriculture Drone Datasheet

    If precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next. With a drone or UAV you can capture highly accurate images of your fields, covering hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight. Without the cost and hassle of manned services. And at a greater resolution than satellite imagery typically ...

    By Ag Business & Crop Inc.

  • Precision & Simplified Brochure

    P R E C I S I O N S I M P L I F I E D .P R E C I S I O NSince 1978, Raven has helped create, defi ne and redefi ne precision agriculture. We continue today to bring groundbreaking new products to growers around the world.The purpose? To put you in control. To help you work smarter, reduce input costs and farm more effi ciently.And, ultimately, to increase your yield and profi tability. S I M P L ...

    By Raven Applied Technology

  • ParaDyme - - Precision Farming System Brochure

    AutoFarm is 100% dedicated to precision agriculture and toolsthat improve our customers’ productivity and profitability.From introducing the first GPS steering system for North Americain the mid 90’s, to the introduction of the world’s first implementsteering system in 2006, to new ParaDyme, the most advancedprecision ag system ever, AutoFarm leads the way with innovativeand reliable precision ...

  • Ag-MAC - Model Plus - Grain Moisture Tester Brochure

    Direct readout for 20 different grain scales. Displays grain test weight (no pre-weighing). Measures moisture fast, easy, and accurately. Non-compaction design with LCD display. USB compatibility. Automatic temperature ...

    By AgraTronix

  • Farm Accounting Software Brochure

    The Farmer's Office is the third generation of farm accounting software from Datatech.  It combines the ease of use and 'look and feel' of a standard Windows based application with the powerful payroll, cost accounting and bookkeeping features you would expect.  We complement these features with toll free telephone support and updates as well as training at our office in Fresno.  ...

    By Datatech

  • TransAction - Plus - Agricultural Accounting Software Brochure

    TransAction Plus™ Accounting It was one of farming's first automated accounting sys-tems. Today it's synonymous with accurate, efficient, profit-oriented bookkeeping…and preferred over all other ag-specific systems by the more progressive operations. Of the many attributes giving TransAction Plus its unique value and appeal, none stand out more than power, ca-pacity and flexibility. Only ...

    By FBS Systems, Inc.

  • Premium

    Technical Data TOPwave

    Technical data TOPwave¦Update 29.10.2013 | OB Analytik Jena AG | Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 | 07745 Jena/ Germany | | 1/3 Microwave assisted sample preparation TOPwave Technical data TOPwave¦Update 29.10.2013 | OB Analytik Jena AG | Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 | 07745 Jena/ Germany | | 2/3 ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

  • Premium

    Metrohm - 2.942.1060 - 942 Extension Module Vario ONE/Deg - Brochure

    Accessories for 29421060Below, the accessories are grouped into Scope of delivery and Optional accessories.Please keep this printout at hand for ordering replacement material.These lists may be subject to change.Scope of delivery 29421060Qty. Order no. Description1 pcs 1.942.1060 942 Extension Module Vario ONE/Deg 1 pcs 6.1825.210 PEEK sample loop 20 µLFor injection valve, with 2 PEEK pressure ...

    By Metrohm AG

  • Premium

    NIRMaster Feed & Forage Brochure

    Production of compound feeds is a complex matter. Accurate and meaningful nutritional facts are most important. Understanding customer needs in the feed and forage industry, BUCHI has de-signed the fi rst standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer specifi cally for that industry – the NIRMasterTM.Feed and ForageNIRMaster™33. Quality control of finished feedsAt production site:Rapidly release products ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

  • Premium

    NIRMaster Milk & Dairy Brochure

    Food safety and consistent quality are essential in milk and dairy production today. Accurate and meaningful nutritional facts are important. Understanding customer needs in the milk and dairy industry, BUCHI has designed the fi rst standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer specifi cally for that industry – the NIRMaster™.Milk and DairyNIRMaster™3Various parameters of milk and diary products such as fat, ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

  • Premium

    NIRMaster Milling & Bakery Brochure

    Changing consumer behaviour contributed a lot to increased popularity of bakery products and rapid growth of the business. Consistent production and food safety are important for fl our milling and bakery producers. Understanding customer needs in milling and bakery industry, BUCHI has designed the fi rst standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer specifi cally for that industry – the NIRMaster™.Milling and ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

  • Premium

    Analysis of Food and Agricultural Samples Using PlasmaQuant MS - Special Application Note

    1. Introduction Agricultural products play a significant role in the daily uptake of nutrients and fibers to maintain good health. The agricultural products and resulting foods contain nutritional elements in various concentrations but also elements deemed to be toxic to humans and/or animals. Besides the organically bound elements: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, there are more than 30 ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

  • Model LF800 / LF1200 / LF2400 - Sprinkler-Brochure

    Built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural applications, Rain Bird LF Series Sprinklers combine the advantages of an impact sprinkler with stream height flexibility, delivering precise, uniform water ...

    By Rain Bird Corporation

  • Swinglet - Model CAM - Professional GIS Drone Datasheet

    3 Reasons to Choose the Swinglet CAM Fully featured The swinglet CAM is a professional GIS tool that offers all you need to create geo-referenced aerial imagery and quick orthomosaics. Quick results The swinglet CAM helps you complete your monitoring and documentation projects quickly and efficiently. Easy to use Select the area to map using our eMotion software, launch your drone, and the ...

    By Ag Business & Crop Inc.

  • Premium

    Spray Drying & Encapsulation Solutions - Brochure

    BUCHI’s proven, reliable and versatile solutions for Spray Drying and Microencapsulation cover a broad range of applications. Discover the time- and cost-saving solutions for R&D particle formation. “Quality in your hands” is the guiding principle that shapes our philosophy and our actions. It challenges us to provide outstanding services that are precisely tailored to your ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

  • eBee senseFly - Model RTK - Survey-Grade Mapping Drone Datasheet

    Survey-grade accuracy Absolute orthomosaic / Digital Elevation Model accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in) without the need for GCPs – meaning less time spent in the field and high precision in even the most inaccessible areas. Fully integrated workflow The eBee RTK’s supplied flight planning & control software (eMotion) connects to the base station and broadcasts correction data to ...

    By Ag Business & Crop Inc.

  • Wintex - Model 1000 - Optimum Solution for Collecting Soil Samples Datasheet

    Fast and effective – all operations carried out from the driver’s seat. The Wintex 1000 – the quickest, most precise and quietest soil sampler ...

    By Ag Business & Crop Inc.

  • Agriculture- Brochure

    Agriculture Agricultural markets worldwide are facing turbulences due to increasing demand, food/non-food conflicts or production risks due to climate change. For economic, political and humanitarian rationals, balanced food production, distribution and pricing gain further importance and impose global challenges to agricultural policies.In support to the implementation of agricultural ...

    By GAF AG

  • Digitcool - Programmable Automatic Freezers Brochure

    The age-old process of direct freezing over liquid nitrogen vapor, creates a freezing curve that is difficult to control and can result in poor reproducibility. The Digitcool’s programmable freezing process allows the user to customize and control each temperature holding or lowering phase in accordance with sample requirements. With more than 500 operational units throughout the world, ...

    By IMV Technologies

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