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    SM150 - Soil Moisture Sensor - Brochure

    Soil Moisture Content COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR HORTICULTURALISTS AND GROWERS SM150 soil moisture sensor The SM150 from Delta-T Devices is vital when you need rapid accurate measurements of substrate moisture content The SM150 enables growers to monitor the moisture status of 1000s of plants daily. It is particularly easy to insert without damaging roots or disturbing the growing medium, ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor - Datasheet

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement to its class‐leading soil moisture measurement capabilities. The ML3 ThetaProbe makes it easy to take reliable, accurate soil moisture measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil, connect your data logger or meter, provide 5‐14V DC at 18mA, and within seconds you can be measuring soil moisture. The ThetaProbe’s ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Flow Monitoring for Golf Course Irrigation Brochure

    Summerheights Golf Links in Cornwall, Ontario draws irrigationwater from the South Raisin River.Under a water extraction permit issued by the Ministry of TheEnvironment in 2009 the golf course is allowed to draw amaximum of 500,000 liters per day at a flow rate not to exceed1,380 liters per minute (and 600,000 liters per day at max 1660liters per minute after July 1).To measure and control water ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.

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    Delta-T - Model ML3 ThetaKit - Soil Moisture Measurement Kit - Brochure

    The ThetaKit is a powerful tool for optimising turf health The ThetaKit enables fast, precise soil moisture measurement - enabling turf health to be accurately monitored. To achieve the best surfaces, turf professionals have many resources to call on, but knowing where and when to apply these resources is a major challenge. The ThetaKit provides quick, reliable data to successfully address this ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model DL6 - Soil Moisture Data Logger - Datasheet

    The DL6 is a dedicated soil moisture logger optimised for use with Delta-T soil moisture sensors. It can be used with combinations of ThetaProbes and Profile Probes and also accepts rain gauge and soil temperature probe inputs. It is well suited to both research applications and irrigation monitoring. DL6 Loggers include a novel accelerated logging feature to allow the tracking of wetting ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Set Brochure

    Soil Moisture Content LEADING SOLUTIONS FOR SPORTS TURF PROFESSIONALS Use the ThetaKit to: ? Spot check soil moisture content quickly and easily ? Identify areas too dry or too wet before turf problems become visible ? Quantify background levels of water content that underpin good turf performance ? Schedule optimised irrigation ? Check the performance of ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • Ratio:Guard - pH Monitor Brochure

    Keeping track of chemical levels has never been easier using the Ratio:Guard® pH Monitor. These monitors use an inline probe to constantly measure the pH of the water. These products require minimal upkeep consisting of an occasional cleaning and calibration. They are very durable and are designed to serve day in and day ...

    By H.E. Anderson Company

  • Ratio:Guard - EC Monitor Brochure

    Keeping track of chemical levels has never been easier using the Ratio:Guard® EC Monitor. These monitors use an inline probe to constantly measure the EC of the water. These products require minimal upkeep consisting of an occasional cleaning and calibration. They are very durable and are designed to serve day in and day ...

    By H.E. Anderson Company

  • WaterMark Monitor 900M Brochure

    MONITOR AUTOMATIC SOIL MOISTURE DATA RECORDINGn Automatically Reads Sensorsn 8 Sensor Capacityn Reading Frequency from Every Minute to Every Day n Software Includedn In-Field Display of Current Readingn Download History to a Computer n Outdoor Mountn 9 Volt Battery Includedn Complete with 8 Sensors ( 1 Temperature & 7 Watermarks)EASILY VIEW READINGSIN THE FIELDThis data can be evaluated to ...

    By IRROMETER Company, Inc.

  • ESI Gro·Point - Pro - Soil Moisture Monitoring System - Brochure

    Gro·Point™ ProESI Gro·PointTM Pro: a TDT sensor offering four valuable outputs from one highly accurate, revolutionary sensor.2071C Malaview Ave West, Sidney BC, V8L 5X6 Canada | 1-800-799-6324 | | info@esica.comESI’s Soil Moisture monitoring system begins with its Gro·PointTMmoisture sensor. Gro·PointTM Pro enables you to: • Decrease water use and associated costs • ...

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    ThetaProbe - Model ML3 - Soil Moisture Measuring Set Brochure

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement  to its class-leading soil moisture measurement capabilities ? Soil moisture with ± 1% accuracy ? New built-in temp measurement  ? New extendable cable system ? Improved performance in saline soils ? ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    PlantControl – D - Wireless Data Logger and Soil Moisture Sensors Manual

    PlantControl D Wireless Data Logger and Soil Moisture Sensors Operating Instructions Ver. 3.46 P.O. Box 4, 6987 ZG GiesbeekNijverheidsstraat 30, 6987 EM Giesbeek,The NetherlandsT +31 313 880200F +31 313 880299E info@eijkelkamp.comI http://www.eijkelkamp.comleoText BoxM1.19.52.EContents 1. Introduction 3 Scope of delivery 3 Optional accessories / Optional Functions 3 Basic ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • Franatech - - Methane Field Monitor Brochure

    SPECIFICATIONS • Weight sensor: 17 kg• Range 0 – 40000 vpm• Operation temperature: 2 – 50°C• Storage temperature: 2 – 50°C• Connectors: SubconnTM• Water tight: IP67• Output: standard RS485, option RS232, Connectors: SubconnTM, 0-5V, 4-20mA• Power supply: 9-30VDC• Current drain: 200mADelivery package I/O connections Water line connectionsSPECIFICATIONS• Weight sensor: ...

    By Franatech Aquaculture Gmbh

  • Yield Monitoring Harvest Solution Brochure

    Put your most important resource in the hands of the pioneers of laser control for water management in agriculture—TrimbleTRIMBLE HARvEST SOLuTION TRIMBLE HARvEST SOLuTION Leverage Trimble’s proven precision agriculture technology and tools in your harvesting operations to support critical processes and decisions throughout the entire crop cycle—ultimately leading to improved yields, lower input ...

    By Trimble

  • Model Pro VPD - Water Irrigation and Misting Monitors Brochure

    A precision VPD sensor set monitors the crop environment at all times. Zone temperature, humidity, and simulated plant leaf temperature are monitored. An exact calculation of the current Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) level is made and accumulated. When the grower's set targets are reached, the specific irrigation or misting station will energize. Adjustments are made constantly for changes in the ...

  • Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor - Installation Manual

    Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor Installation Manual. All content within is copyrighted by Intelligent Agricultural Solutions, and may not be reprinted without ...

  • Model 4670610 - Spray Rate Monitor Brochure

    VISIO is the innovative multifunction display featuring compact dimensions and accuracy at an affordable price. The desired function can be selected via software. It can be connected to several sensors, to view a wide range of data from agricultural spraying ...

    By ARAG Srl

  • Model ALFA 310S - Seeding Monitor Brochure

    Intensive farming needs an ever increasing precision level to optimise operator’s job and maximise field production. If applied to seeding, this concept is particularly true as final results depend on correct seed position, successful sowing and fertilisation process. In case of technical problems of the seeder such as clogged lines or part jamming, field production will be impaired thus ...

    By ARAG Srl

  • Detachers - A Quantum Leap in Monitoring Technology Brochure

    Metatron 21Milk metering and management systemsn Real time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management.n Complete control at your fingertips with instant data access.n Easy to read, easy to use.GEA Milking & Cooling | WestfaliaSurge 2 | GEA Farm Technologies2 | GEA Farm TechnologiesMetatron Milk Monitoring A quantum leap in monitoring technologyFor over 30 years, Metatron milk ...

    By GEA Farm Technologies

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Modern growing practices include scientific evaluations of soil, water, fertilizers, diseases, etc. While some tests are best performed by a laboratory, others can be easily conducted on location, saving time and money. Three tests in particular, EC, pH, and ALKALINITY, can reveal valuable information about water quality, soil salinity, and fertilizer concentration. Myron L Company’s ...

    By Myron L Company

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