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    Spray Drying and Encapsulation Solutions

    BUCHI’s proven, reliable and versatile solutions for Spray Drying and Microencapsulation cover a broad range of applications. Discover the time- and cost-saving solutions for R&D particle formation. “Quality in your hands” is the guiding principle that shapes our philosophy and our actions. It challenges us to provide outstanding services that are precisely tailored to your ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Mini Spray Dryer - System Configurator

    Mini Spray Dryer B-290 System ConfigurationAmount of waterAmount of organic solvent80% 10% 0%20% 90% 100%0%100%092127 en 1304 B / Technical Data subject to alterations / Quality System ISO 9001Mini Spray Dryer B-290Order no.230V, 50-60 Hz 44780230V, 50-60 Hz 44781Open mode Drying with air for aqueous solutions with ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Model B-290 - Mini Spray Dryer Brochure

    For more than 30 years BUCHI provides an easy to use product with proven performance. Discover its outstanding efficiency and flexibility Proven performance: The most established and flexible instrument for lab spray drying Cost efficient: Achieve reproducible results at minimal costs ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    BirdBuffer - Avian Spray Kit - Brochure

    For Spraying large areas once a week to keep birds away, use the Avian Spray Kit, mix your own batch by using a lot of water and spray roofs, gardens, bushes, lawns and even airport runways.  We sell the Avian in many sizes.  This is just an introductory size to give you enough to spray your roof or porch area 7-10 times, every 7-10 ...

    By BirdBuffer, LLC

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    Minos Agri - Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader Brochure

    Minos Agri Twin disc fertilizer spreader is an ideal machine that can broadcast the fertilizer by means of its winnowing disks and wings on ideal distance in a balanced and regular manner and in this way it provides the maximum benefit of the amount of fertilizer used. The fertilizer norm is adjusted by changing with the adjusting handle the opening of the lids at the bottom of the high-capacity ...

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    Airex DC - Aerial & Ground Spray Drift Control Datasheet

    Airex DC is a highly effective drift control agent for aerial and ground spraying of water emulsifiable pesticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators. The properties of Airex DC allow the uniform spraying of chemicals without misting or drifting by increasing both the weight and size of the droplets thereby reducing off target ...

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    Seed Up - Bio Fertilizer for Treated Seed Storage Datasheet

    To aid in improving survival and performance of the plant by treating the ...

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    KAHL Rotospray - Micro-spraying System for Liquid Additives

    Micro-spraying system for liquid additivesKAHL ROTOSPRAY®The main part of the system is arotation atomiser permitting the finestspraying of liquids. The specialdistribution of the solid matter flowguarantees an all-round liquidcoverage on to the product.Advantages of the ROTOSPRAY®¦ Low space requirement¦ Automatic adaptation of the liquid to the solid matter flow¦ Undiluted spraying¦ No ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

  • Bakon - Industrial Spray Dryers Brochure

    Industrial spray dryers for  for your powder production plant ...

    By Bakon

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    Terand Aerosol - Model CP-920 - Adhesive Spray - MSDS

    General Purpose Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is recommended for decorative laminate to particleboard and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) substrates, metals and plywood. This product has an adjustable tip offering the user a webbing type spray pattern that is water white and does not contain Methylene Chloride. Its unique formula prevents soak-in of the adhesive on porous surfaces. It offers the ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

  • Fertilizer Injection System Brochure

    When you buy a fertilizer injection system  from agri-Inject you re getting a whole lot more than just a pump on a piece of plywood. As the world leader in fluid application technology and equipment, weve gone to extremes to make sure that every product we produce is complete in every detail. Our fertilizer injection systems are designed and engineered to provide reliable performance and ...

    By Verdegaal Brothers Inc

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    Terand - Model CP-974 - Stainless Steel Coating Aerosol Spray - MSDS

    A super tough coating containing pure stainless steel pigment in an ultra durable resin system. Seals, beautifies and protects metal, wood, ceramics and more. Helps prevent deterioration caused by harsh chemicals, severe atmospheres or conditions. Tack Free in 5 Minutes - Hard Cure in 2 hours. Contains 100% Pure 316L Stainless Steel Pigment. Heat Resistant To 400°F. Provides Superior Rust ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

  • Nutricor™ - Liquid fertilizer - Brochure

    Nutricor is a concentrated, value-added liquid fertilizer that delivers key nutrients, select organic materials and multi-sourced carbon to your crops. With Nutricor you’ll see increased growth and profitability in the short term—and improved soil in the long ...

    By Solutions 4Earth, LLC.

  • Model SPN - Narrow Fan Spray Nozzle Brochure

    One-piece / heavy construction. Straigh-through orifice minimizes clogging. Machined from bar stock to exacting standards. Male ...

    By BETE Deutschland GmbH

  • Sprayers & Spray Equipment Products- Brochure

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    By Wanjet AB

  • Liquid Fertilizer for Fertilizing Pastures Datasheet

    Powerbasic contains all the important minerals for the fertilization of pastures: nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur. Powerbasic provides an excellent basis for the optimum growth and quality of your ...

    By Van Iperen B.V.

  • AppliMax - Spray Nozzle Calibrator - Datasheet

    Why the AppliMax Spray Nozzle Calibrator is one of the best investments you can make. Spraying doesn't just sost a lot, it can make a significant difference to your yield...and income. Evenly applying the correct rate of chemical is crucial to achieving optimal results and getting the best return on your inputs investment. If amount of spray coming out your spray nozzles is incorrect, or your ...

    By ATI Agritronics Inc.

  • Fertilizer Spreader Brochure

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    Terand - Model CP-875 - Cutting and Tapping Fluid Spray - 12 Cans/Case - MSDS

    Cutting and Tapping Fluid. Clear, synthetic coolant and lubricant designed to disperse heat and extend tool life. Convenient aerosol is handy for field operations. Works on exotic metals. Non irritating to the skin. Transparent fluid provides clear view of work area. Includes extension tubes for easier application to remote ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

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    Total Solution - Model AL-8100 - Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil Spray - 12 Cans/Case - Spec. Sheet

    Aerosol Heavy Duty Penetrating Oil; This heavy duty institutional strength penetrant aerosol spray frees and lubricates corroded parts no matter how rusted or stuck the metal parts may be. The formula contains ingredients with low surface tension that penetrates deep in between rusted surfaces to dissolve away corrosion and allow the parts to move ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

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