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  • Turbocar Active - Model G3 - Irrigation Systems Brochure

    Powder painted sheet guards for a longer duration. Gearbox-turbine with the best performances of its category. Double water entry (turbine and the op- posite side). Adjustable and demountable tow-eye, mechanical folding staker leg to facilitate the movements and lateral stabilizer staker legs. Hose drum with core in calendered sheet (it does not damage the PE hose but extends its life), ...

    By Idrofoglia s.r.l.

  • Soil Moisture Meter (SMM) Brochure

    Ph: +61 2 6772 6770 sales@ictinternational.com.au www.ictinternational.com Solutions for soil, plant & environmental monitoring SMM - Soil Moisture Meter Product Overview The Soil Moisture Meter (SMM) is a stand-alone logging instrument for the measurement of volumetric moisture content of soils and other materials. The SMM can support up to 5 x standing wave sensors (MP406 or MP306) or up ...

    By ICT International

  • FieldScout - CM 1000 - NDVI Chlorophyll Meter - Manual

    ®CM 1000 NDVI Meter PRODUCT MANUAL Item # 2953 2 Contents General Overview 3 Initial Startup 4 Connecting to a GPS 5 Keypad Operation 7 Normal Reading Mode 9 Connecting to a Computer 12 Field Scout Software 13 Data Files 15 Identifying the Correct Com Port 16 Light Management 17 Field of View 19 Specifications 20 ERROR messages 21 Frequently Asked Questions 22 Service and Support 23 Warranty 24 ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc

  • LightScout DLI 100 - Light Meter Brochure

    DLI 100 Light Meter PRODUCT MANUAL Item # 3405, 3405B, 3405B3 2 For support, or to place an order, call: Spectrum Technologies, Inc 12360 S. Industrial Dr. East Plainfield, IL 60585 800-248-8873 or 815-436-4440 www.specmeters.com e-mail: info@specmeters.com Quick Start 4 Where to Measure? 5 Using the DLI 100 6 Reading the Display 7—8 Light Intensity 9 Cumulative Light (DLI) 10 Replacing ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc

  • Soil Water Extraction Methods Brochure

    © UMS GmbH München Version 10/2008 Authors: ge/tk/ma Soil water extraction methods Soil water extraction 2/28 Content 1 Soil water extraction 4 1.1 Extraction methods 4 1.1.1 The simple method 5 1.1.2 The constant vacuum method 5 1.1.3 Tension controlled extraction 6 1.2 Experiences and recommendations 6 1.2.1 Sandy soils 6 ...

    By METER Group, Inc.

  • Model DWS & DW-PRV Series - Dirty Water Irrigation Valves Brochure

    For maximum performance at an economical price, no other remote-control irrigation valve can compare to the self cleaning Griswold DW Series valve. The DW Series valve is the sensible choice regardless of your water source. Even potable water will eventually clog the types of screens found in other 'contamination proof' ...

    By Griswold Controls

  • Six Simple Steps for Managing Water Quality & use on your Land (LEAF)

    Simply SuStainable WaterSix Simple Steps for managing water quality and use on your land2 3The world’s water resources are no longer to be taken for granted. Access to supplies has increasingly become a balance between water’s use within economic activity, including agriculture’s predominant role, for human health and nutrition as well as landscape and amenity value.It is important that those who ...

    By Crestwood Environmental Ltd

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    Measuring, control and sensor technology - Catalogue

    Measuring, control and sensor technology - ...

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    Lufft - XA1000 / XP400 / XP201 / XP200 - Hand-Held Measuring Device - Manual

    The multifunction measuring meter XA1000 / XP200 / XP400 is used for carrying out accurate measured value detection. Several sensors can be connected to the digital interface of the device for this purpose. The operating elements are located on the front and sides of the robust housing. A scratch proof colour display with touch function (1) allows entering and selecting values and functions and ...

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    ML3 ThetaProbe Data Sheet

    The new ThetaProbe has extra features, improved performance and a new look. With its 1% accuracy the ThetaProbe continues to set the standard for soil moisture measurement but now also measures soil ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model SWT4 & SWT4R - Rugged Soil Tensiometer - Manual

    Electrical installations must comply with the safety and EMC requirements of the country in which the system is to be used. Please note that any damage caused by handling errors are out of our control and therefore are not covered by guarantee. Tensiometers are instruments for measuring the soil water tension, and soil water pressure and are designed for this purpose ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor - Datasheet

    The new ThetaProbe adds temperature measurement to its class‐leading soil moisture measurement capabilities. The ML3 ThetaProbe makes it easy to take reliable, accurate soil moisture measurements. Simply insert the probe into the soil, connect your data logger or meter, provide 5‐14V DC at 18mA, and within seconds you can be measuring soil moisture. The ThetaProbe’s ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Types SWT5 & SWT5x - Miniature Tensiometer - User Manual

    Electrical installations must comply with the safety and EMC requirements of the country in which the system is to be used. Please note that any damage caused by handling errors are out of our control and therefore are not covered by guarantee. Tensiometers are instruments for measuring the soil water tension, and soil water pressure and are designed for this purpose ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Datasheet

    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour. This is a major determinant of water loss from plant leaves and of CO2 uptake in ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Valeport Company Profile Brochure

    Research and Development is at the core of Valeport. Our products are developed from listening to our customers’ needs and requirements. The skill of translating a market-led idea into a specification, then design and ultimately a product requires the dedicated team of mechanical. electronic, firmware and software engineers at ...

    By Valeport Ltd

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    Model 14.50 - Electronic Tensimeter Manual

    The electronic tensimeter is a portable pressure sensor in a bag for measurement of the moisture tension in the soil, measured through a tensiometer tube placed in the soil. The measuring device can be moved from tensiometer tube to tensiometer tube allowing an unlimited number of measurements over a short period of time. The hypodermic needle of the tensimeter is fitted on the tensiometer tube ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Model 14.04.03 - Standard Tensiometer Manual

    The standard tensiometer consists of a clear transparent plastic tube with a ceramic cup at the bottom end and a manometer at the top. The standard tensiometer is delivered in various lengths allowing the execution of simultaneous measurements at various depths in the root zone. For pre-drilling special auger sets can be ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • Toro - P-220S - Scrubber Series for Precise, Pressure Control Brochure

    P-220 Scrubber SeriesEffluent OptionsAvailableValvesA true dirty water irrigation valve, able to handle chlorine and other chemicals found in reclaimed and other non-potable water systems. Constructed of heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon and EPDM rubber materials, these valves resist clogging and feature a patent-pending active scrubbing mechanism (ACT™ System) to actively fight sand, algae and ...

    By HD Fowler Company

  • XILEMA - Intelligent Fertigation Catalog

    The XILEMA Fertigation Systems manage the fertilizer’s dose in the water according to the pH, EC, sun radiation and water quality (depending on models). XILEMA fits every need. XILEMA has been technically designed in order to carry out a precise fertilizer injection. Thousands of XILEMA systems manage crops all over the world. A team of professionals designs, manufactures and tests each ...

    By Novedades Agrícolas S.A.

  • Sparling - Irrigation Saddle Flowmeter Brochure

    Specifically designed to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement to the irrigation marketplace, Sparling Instruments saddle flow meter is the ideal solution to trouble-free water flow measurement in irrigation's severe environments. The saddle design allows the meter to be used on existing piping and in many cases, these meters can replace other saddle flow ...

    By Sparling Instruments, LLC

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