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7. International Food and Food Technologies Fair


With the exhibit of the food industry leader companies we are planning to organize 7th International Food and Food Technologies Fair. Our fair will be held on 24 - 27 November in ANKARA – ANFA ALTINPARK EXPO CENTER.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 24-27, 2016
Anfa Altınpark Expo Center
Ankara , Turkey

We aim that this fair will be the meeting point of the food industry in Ankara with its large exhibitor profile and visitor scale.We aim to be a trade platform to the food and beverage manufacturers  with the innovative, safe and responsive represantaions in their products and brands. 7th International Food and Food Technologies Fair aims to unite the serving and the persons who are in need of service under a single roof.

Indispensable part of human life the food sector is growing more  with the developing technology, extension of shelf life, progress of the international market transport  day by day. 7th International Food and Food Technologies Fair plays a critical role to represent exhibitors porducts and develop their relation with the dealer and intermediary firm. At the same time  7th İnternational Food and Food Technologies fair will be a platform that  the food manufacturers are informed about the new technology machines and production systems.

Food manufacturing, packing, meat and meat products manufacturing, storage, food security, quality control Technologies will be introduced in our fair. Our fair will have a large  profile of exhibitor and  will unite the manufacturers and exporters.


  • Food processing machinery      
  • Fruit juices, soft drinks and  sparkling water
  • Automatisation  systems            
  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Food packing machines               
  • Peeling , huller and debarking machines
  • Packing machines          
  • Pasteurisation, sterilization and filtration systems
  • White meat and Poultry manufacturers
  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Miiling machine equipment      
  • Meat cutting machine and equipment
  • Market shelf and exhibition equipment             
  • Catering equipment
  • Flour dressing, dough kneader and machine tool          
  • Weight and control systems
  • Bakery and cake equipment     
  • Industrial knifes and mixers
  • Additive susbstance, yeast and oils       
  • Slicing machines
  • Meat and meat products           
  • Oil manufacturers          
  • Quality control test devices
  • Flour plants       
  • Conveyor belt systems and strappings
  • Bakery products & macaroni     
  • Reefer truck  systems and equipments
  • Precision scales and moisture determination machines              
  • Silo tank and equipment
  • Take-home foods and sauce    
  • Freeze storage systems


  • Food companies executives
  • Bakery and pastry shops
  • Purchasing authorities 
  • Food and chemistry engineers
  • Fastfood companies
  • Catering companies 
  • İmporters and exporters 
  • Buffets ,dried nuts and fruits seller and canteen keeper
  • Hotel, restaurant managements


One of the important issues in our World,  the healty and nutritious foods are fail to reach to the People.  The food which you consume  is important.It is important that the foods are  produced under which circumstances, which additives used, when manufactured. Manufacturing safety and quality control are the critical points of the manufacturing espeacially in the direct consuming foodd products. The little mistake in this point will endanger the life of the people.

Both in our country and  our World important steps have taken for the development of the quality control systems and manufacturing safety.Republic of Turkey Mınıstry of food, agriculture and livestock has generated public auditing bodies, made legislations.

The last technology food control machine, new legislations  and  regulations the points to be paid attentiıon in production safety and the the developing of quality control systems  will present in this summit. With the exhibit of the ministry specialist 7th Food Summit ;

  • Herbal Production and Safe Food
  • Animal Production and Safe Food
  • Organic Production and Safe Food
  • Packing and Safe Food
  • Quality control system on production line topics will evaluate.

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