Agra Innovate 2016


Now in its third successful year, Agra Innovate West Africa is widely recognised as the region`s leading crop production, processing and manufacturing tradeshow, connecting suppliers from some twenty different countries across four different continents to serious local buyers and business partners.

Event Type:
Nov. 23-25, 2016
Landmark Centre
Lagos , Nigeria

  • Meet buyers, investors, key decision makers and agricultural officials from Nigeria and the wider region
  • Launch your products/brand and establish contacts with local distributors and resellers
  • Showcase your latest cutting-edge technologies at the Product Demonstration Area
  • Network with local and regional agribusiness leaders and experts
  • Benefit from our extensive pre-event promotional campaigns to ensure your brand reaches out to a wider audience


Virtually all aspects of regional food production, processing and manufacturing require new technology as they transform into a modernised, productive and competitive force. The last five years alone have seen over $5 billion of private investment from companies that have understood the sectors’ enormous potential.

Now in its third successful year, “Agra Innovate West Africa” brings all levels of this diverse sector together for three days of intensive networking and deal making. The trade-show receives the full support of key private and public sector organisations and is attended by a “who’s who” of regional policymakers, private sector leaders and serious buyers.

Lucrative opportunities for partnership, collaboration, technology transfer and knowledge sharing now exist throughout all elements of Nigeria’s diverse agricultural sector. Foreign suppliers and investors are being welcomed in to help propel and drive this ongoing growth.

With exhibitors and attendees from over 20 countries in attendance over its first two years, 2016’s event will see yet more international agribusiness professionals travelling in to Lagos to explore new business opportunities across Nigeria’s diverse agricultural / farming / processing sectors.

  • Internationally praised agric policy and trading reforms have led to...
  • ...over $5 billion of private investment into agriculture in the last three years
  • Investment and partnership opportunities now exist across all key value chains
  • Over 84 million hectares of arable land...
  • ...of which more than 60% is currently uncultivated...
  • ...and only 10% utilises modern agricultural technology
  • Soil and climate conditions ideal for a variety of agricultural products
  • Africa’s largest GDP at $510Bn (2nd is South Africa at $370Bn)
  • Africa largest single market with a population of over 170 million

Agricultural Profile

  • Nigeria possesses one of the world’s greatest remaining undeveloped agricultural resources
  • The agricultural sector is being repositioned as the central driver of the country’s future economic growth
  • Modernisation, new ideas and new technology are required across all aspects of agricultural practice
  • Clear-sighted and incorruptible policy and trading reforms are driving increased international investment and partnership
  • Widespread opportunities now exist across all key value chains and especially in mechanisation, mid/large scale farming and agro processing

Why Exhibit

At Agra Innovate?

  • Meet buyers, investors, key decision makers and agricultural officials from Nigeria
  • Launch your products/brand and establish contacts with local distributors and resellers
  • Showcase your latest cutting-edge technologies at the Product Demonstration Area
  • Network with local and regional agribusiness leaders and experts
  • Benefit from our extensive pre-event promotional campaigns to ensure your brand reaches out to a wider audience

With Nigeria's agricultural sector is being reshaped and reinvigorated as the center of the country's economic growth and prosperity, Agra Innovate is a pioneering trade event which helps participants identify key business opportunities, technological solutions, share best-practice and form the strategic relationships that will drive this new period of market growth.

Visiting Agra Innovate enables you to:

  • Meet new international suppliers of innovative technology and solutions for each stage of the agricultural value chain, ready to assist you in advancing your business
  • Network with the key government representatives, agribusiness leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs and research organisations that are transforming the Nigerian agricultural sector, to become a part of the changing environment
  • Connect with potential investors and trading partners from across the world, looking to fund Nigerian businesses
  • Discover the latest technology and techniques that are increasing Nigerian agricultural productivity and sustainable intensification, to optimise land use
  • Hear fresh ideas that can help improve your business during the seminars, conferences and business networking sessions taking place throughout the three days of the event
  • Agra Innovate will encompass all key areas of agricultural innovation and development in Nigerian agriculture, including investment, seed systems, fertilisers, agro chemicals, biotechnology, water and irrigation systems, machinery, communications, storage and processing, distribution, infrastructure and logistics.

igerian agriculture is an incredibly diverse sector which is now moving purposely towards becoming Africa’s greatest agricultural producer. It is also an undeniably complex and challenging environment to navigate for both existing and new market entrants.

The only meeting of its kind in Nigeria, Agra Innovate’s conference has been built around a framework of unrehearsed and impassioned discussions amongst domestic and international leaders from all key agricultural value chains, national / state government, research bodies and investors.

No issues or topics are out of bounds: by joining this select audience you will receive privileged insights on the most exciting areas of opportunity and future development potential in the sector; the strategies and innovations that leading organisations are creating to exploit this potential and their frank analysis of the risks and potential constraints for existing and new market entrants.

Two days of debate and discussion will be organised around the following key themes:

  • Value chain analysis
  • Policy and regulation
  • Technology requirements
  • Partnership models
  • Investment / market opportunity & risk

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