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Agritech and Climate Smart Agriculture Conference 2019


We are delighted to invite you to the Agritech and Climate Smart Agriculture Conference, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on the 4th & 5th of April, 2019. Join us for an event which offers a meeting place for top manufacturers, researchers, academics, decision-makers and other business professionals who are keen to share their knowledge and experience in optimizing the agricultural farming process in the age of technology. The conference represents a unique opportunity for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic Q&A sessions – providing the attendees with valuable insights from specialists in the sphere of agriculture technologies.

Event Type:
Apr. 4-5, 2019
Prague , Czech Republic

  • Heads of Innovation
  • Precision farming solution providers
  • Autonomous features experts
  • Heads of Investments
  • R&D specialists
  • Corporate heads of agriculture
  • Commercial farmers and growers
  • Product developers
  • Nutritional
  • Health specialists
  • Start-up representatives
  • Robotic biotech developers
  • Harvesting solution providers

  • Latest technologies in agriculture industry
  • Water management and irrigation
  • Innovative approach towards technological development
  • Agriculture 2.0 and IoT implementation
  • Agricultural resource management
  • Process automation
  • Drone technology for CSA
  • Indoor farming technologies
  • Software enhancing
  • Precision farming

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