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KazAgro / KazFarm – events that are aimed at improving the competitiveness of Kazakh producers of agricultural products through the introduction of modern technologies in the production and promotion of domestic and foreign markets of domestic goods and services. Trade shows provide a platform for the presentation of innovations the industry, advanced products, technologies and services in the agricultural sector, promote intensive dialogue between manufacturers and consumers of AIC (agro industrial complex). The topics of the exhibitions cover all directions of agricultural industry.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Oct. 26-28, 2016
Korme Exhibition Center
Astana , Kazakhstan

The exhibitions are performed under the official support of:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany (BMEL).
  • Akimat of Astana.
  • «KAZAGRO» National management holding JSC.
  • VDMA (German Engineering Federation).

«KazAgro/KazFarm 2016» – professional platforms for presentation of world innovations, technologies and services of the industry, expansion of client network and establishment of new business -contacts, encourages intensive dialogue between producers and consumers of agribusiness, promotes increase of marketability of Kazakhstan producers by means of introduction of modern technologies and promotion on internal and external markets of domestic goods and services.

For the participants and visitors of the exhibitions the organizers provide a unique possibility to get accustomed with the latest developments of the leading Kazakhstan and foreign agricultural goods producers, in particular: With equipment, machinery of all directions of crop growing, cattle breeding and poultry industry, and also innovations in stock breeding, veterinary medicine and feeding.

The business area of the exhibition provides a rich program of presentations before signing of memorandums between domestic and foreign companies.


  • Agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts.
  • Mechanical equipment for agricultural enterprises, farm businesses and summer cottages.
  • Irrigation and drainage.
  • Harvesting and storage systems.
  • Equipment for food and processing industry.
  • Milling equipment.
  • Packaging equipment and materials.
  • Agricultural buildings and warehouses.
  • Gardening, vine-yards, hot housing, ecological aspects of technologies in planting, irrigating and modern system of seeding.
  • Biological technology, quality control of agricultural raw materials and products.
  • Agroecology.
  • Ecologically safe means of protecting plants, fertilizers and their using technologies. Feed production.
  • Technologies of closed soil.
  • Food stuffs, halal products.
  • Seeds, sprouts, vegetables-fruits.
  • Genetics and selection in planting.
  • Tobacco and tobacco products.
  • Agrarian science, education, publications.


  • Cattle breeding, poultry industry, fishing industry, beekeeping.
  • Feeding-stuffs, breeding, care, farms.
  • The newest rations of nutrition for cattle and poultry, concentrates, premixes, feed and vitamin additives.
  • Veterinary medicine and biological additives.
  • Stock breeding complexes.
  • Special tools and equipment for slaughter-houses.
  • Modern technologies and equipment for cultivation, care and maintenance of cattle breeding, poultry-breeding and bee-farming.
  • Boiling and smoking systems.
  • Packaging equipment and materials.
  • Transportation, warehousing, freezing and storage.
  • Trade, weighting and cooling machinery.
  • Hygiene and safety of the production, protection of the environment, utilization of wastes.
  • Agroecology.
  • Food stuffs, halal products.
  • Genetics and selection in cattle-breeding.
  • Raw material for production of bioenergy.
  • Biomass treatment.
  • Biogas unit.
  • Biogas production.
  • Bioenergy.
  • Service, research, development, institutions, publications.

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