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SWREDA Training Conference 2018


What`s New?  Attendees can register for one of two mobile workshops that will occur on Thursday, July 26 from 1:45 - 4:45 pm:

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Jul. 25-27, 2018
Hyatt Regency
Tulsa , OK , USA

Tulsa Port of Catoosa:  The Port of Catoosa, a multi-modal shipping complex and 2,000-acre industrial park, is one of the largest inland river ports in the country.  With over 70 companies currently located within the complex, the Port has an annual economic impact of over $300 million to the state’s economy.  The Port combines barges, trucks and railways to move agricultural commodities, petro products, machinery, and building materials every day.   Upon arrival at the Port, attendees will hear from Port staff about the important contribution it makes to the local, regional, state and multi-state economy before heading out to tour the facility. Attendees should meet in the Hyatt lobby at 1:30 pm; the bus will depart from the hotel promptly at 1:45 pm and will return to the hotel by 4:45 pm.  Limited to 50 attendees.  Additional fee: $40.

Macy’s Fulfillment Center:  Located in Owasso, OK, the Macy’s Fulfillment Center employs about 1,500 people year-round, with an additional 3,000 positions filled during the December holiday season. The 2.2 million square foot facility covers just over 70 acres of land about 12 miles north of Tulsa and is Macy’s largest fulfillment center.  It was designed to hold over 14 million units with a retail value hovering around $450 million.  The Center was operational in 2015 and it is anticipated that by 2023, the Center’s economic impact to Tulsa and the surrounding area will be about $800 million.  Attendees will learn how Macy’s selected Tulsa for the Center, how it has impacted the local economy in terms of jobs and income, and see the Center’s state-of-the-art technology in action as they tour the facility. Attendees should meet in the Hyatt lobby at 1:30 pm; the bus will depart from the hotel promptly at 1:45 pm and will return to the hotel by 4:45 pm.  Limited to 30 attendees.  Additional fee: $40.

And, a Walking Workshop will occur on Tuesday, July 26:, from 9:15 to 11:45 am:

Incubating Businesses: New Approaches to Successful Strategies:  Fuel up at the Continental Breakfast before heading out to see two successful business incubation models in action. The Forge is one of Tulsa’s first business incubators; its location includes office space, mentors, connections and information needed to overcome the daily challenges of entrepreneurship.  Recent data shows that for every 10 jobs at The Forge, another 5 are created in and around Tulsa.  This further results in over $550,000 annual incomes and almost $1 million in goods and services sold.  36 Degrees North is called Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs. As with The Forge, 36 Degrees North offers office space, diverse resources, and a network of other entrepreneurs that share ideas and exchange information.  Attendees will hear from leadership of each incubator, meet with businesses and entrepreneurs, and learn how the incubator environment has had a positive impact on the success of small businesses throughout the Tulsa region.  Attendees should meet in the Hyatt lobby at 9:00 am; the group will depart from the hotel promptly at 9:15 pm and will return to the hotel by 11:45 am. Limited to 25 attendees.  Additional fee: $20.  Be sure to wear your most comfortable shoes!

Hear some of the positive things the attendees from the 2017 conference in Baton Rouge had to say:

  • I enjoyed hearing what was going on in the states that comprise our region to get an understanding of what is and isn't working.
  • Because I am new it was essential to go through the Peer Review process and to hear about all the kinds of projects EDA funds.
  • The networking opportunities (were the best and most beneficial part of the conference).
  • Topics were relevant to the changing economic structure.
  • Break out sessions were well thought out and all very useful.
  • Time and involvement with EDA DC and AURO staff.
  • Seriously...this was the best SWREDA conference ever!  It was worth my time.

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