Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE)

The Woody Plants of Summer: Plants from Abroad

Come discover some of the most impressive and useful plants of foreign lands, including but not limited to: Chinese Fringetree; European Smokebush; Japanese Clethra; Rose of Sharon; Russian Arborvitae; Turkish Filbert; And much more! Instructor Steve Kristoph will teach you what they are, where they grow, and where to plant many of the species and cultivars that are leading the current trend in woody plant material. These are the plants used by top Landscape Architects and Designers. The class will begin with a short in-class presentation, followed by an outdoor experience where you'll learn how to identify and appreciate the ornamental value of these wonderful plants. This one-day class can be taken in conjunction with "The Woody Plants of Summer: Native Plants" (July 23) for a combined price of $375, or as a single-day course for $210. Attendees will receive special take-home plants for participating in this informative and exciting class!
Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Jul. 30, 2019
Holly House
New Brunswick , NJ , USA