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Tripod Beta Root Cause Analysis Training


Tripod Beta is a renowned method for incident analysis leading to proactive process control measures. It does not just focus on the immediate, human, causes of the incident, but identifies the structural flaws that allowed the incident in question to occur. The Investigation framework clarifies unknowns and uncertainties and thus leads to insights. Underlying causes are identified and lead to well-considered conclusions and management actions, strengthening the organization’s sustainability as well as business and safety performance.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Jul. 15-18, 2018
Enertech Qatar Safety Center
Doha , Qatar

Day 1

Barrier based incident investigation methodology

  • Barrier Management
  • Process safety management system-pillars
  • Tripod Beta methodology introduction
  • Exercise: Example incident
  • Exercise: Introduction to Software for Incident Investigation

Day 2

Accident/Incident Investigation and Tripod Beta Principle

  • Organization’s defenses between a source of harm and an undesirable outcome as a series of barriers, represented by layers of Swiss cheese
  • What is Sequentially Timed Event Plotting (STEP),
  • The four key stages in a Tripod Beta investigation,
  • Defining Event, Agent and Object,
  • Telling the story through the core diagram,
  • Exercise: Defining STEP for example incident

Day 3 

Barriers, Preconditions and Underlying Causes and Basic Risk Factors

  • Barrier identification and how they are associated with an incident in a systematic and thorough manner.
  • Four possible states of a barrier and their use within a Tripod Beta tree.
  • Human Errors and their link to the Immediate Causes,
  • Preconditions to immediate causes, definition and position within a Tripod Beta Tree,
  • Underlying causes, definition and position within a Tripod Beta Tree,
  • Causation path, definition and presentation within a Tripod Beta Tree,
  • Basic Risk Factors in Business process
  • Exercise: Creating a Tripod Beta tree for example incidents using the software

Day 4

Remedial Actions, Reporting, Tree Logic and Test

  • Identify the nodes on a Tripod Beta tree where remedial action should be applied,
  • Haddon’s hierarchy of barrier effectiveness.
  • The cost vs. benefit of various types of barriers.
  • Report layout and format.
  • The ways in which lessons learnt may be communicated throughout the Company
  • Exercise: Creating a final report
  • TEST

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