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  • Tropical forest monitoring: Amazon deforestation - Case study

    Tropical forest monitoring: Amazon deforestation - Case study

    DMC data can be successfully used for tropical forest monitoring and deforestation assessment. It can provide a big contribution in MRV (monitoring, reporting, verification system) for REDD+ countries, providing wall-to-wall, timely collected information. Since 2005, DMCii has delivered multiple coverage of the Amazon Basin to the Brazilian Government. The National Space Research Institute, ...


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  • Chipping Machine

    Chipping Machine

    Chipping machine is designed for reprocessing of waste wood, knots of trees, boughs, off-grade pieces of wood on technological and fuel wood splinter as well as for transporting. Chipping machine is used for reprocessing of carpentry waste. It is also used when industrial or sanitary deforestation is held. When deforestation is held in cities, the recycling of branches allows to reduce the ...