Forest Harvesting

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  • Eight Wheels Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Eight Wheels Harvester

    By ENTRACON s.r.o.

    Entracon EH50 (old name Apache) is new eight wheels harvester on the European market. On his advancement be concerned world’s producers on the hydraulic and control system. The transmission made and supplies ...

  • Processor Harvester Head
    Showcase Product

    Processor Harvester Head

    By Kone-Ketonen OY

    The structure of Keto-51 Eco Processor is based on the Keto-51 Eco Supreme harvester head. Thanks to its large grapple opening, it serves well as a multi-purpose harvester head that handles delimbing, cutting and ...

  • Harvester Chain
    Showcase Product

    Harvester Chain

    By OREGON® - a brand of Blount Inc

    OREGON 18HX harvester saw chain is an enhanced version of our aggressive, durable 18H chain built exclusively for mechanized timber harvesters.

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Schieler Harvester

    Schieler Harvester

    Schieler Harvester manufactures Tree Crop Harvesters (shakers), Bin Carriers, & Bin Inverters (dumpers).

  • Komatsu Forest

    Komatsu Forest

    Komatsu Forest develop, manufacture, and market machines and attachments, and is a pioneer in the area of mechanized logging. We have an extensive ...

  • Riuttolehto Oy

    Riuttolehto Oy

    Riuttolehto Oy is a Finnish family owned company established in 1991. Riuttolehto Oy is located in the centre part of Finland in Soini. The main ...

  • A & B Services(Scotland)

    A & B Services(Scotland)

    A & B Services(Scotland) was established in 1993 as a partnership between Gordon Aitken and Stephen Bennett who between them have over 55 years ...

  • Liforė Technika UAB

    Liforė Technika UAB

    Liforė Technika UAB is a Lithuanian capital company. During 15 years of its operation the company has compiled extensive experience in the forestry ...