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  • Chainsaw Operating Tips and Chainsaw Safety

    Chainsaw Operating Tips and Chainsaw Safety

    Although chainsaws are excellent tools for wood cutting, the potential for accidents is high and severe injuries can result from improper use. Chainsaw safety should always be your first priority. By taking the necessary safety precautions, you will avoid serious injury. Take some time out before you use your new chainsaw to read the owner’s manual. If you’re very familiar with ...

  • Intro to precision forestry

    Never before has the interest in preserving natural forests and efficient management of plantations been as great as the present. Demand for wood products is increasing. On the other hand, it is also ...


  • Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration

    Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration

    Forests in the eastern United States that are structurally complex -- meaning the arrangement of vegetation is highly varied -- sequester more carbon, according to a new study led by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University.The study ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Log Loaders

    Log Loaders

    Simple hydraulic and mechanical systems, easy to use and maintain. Extra strength and durability. Hydraulic adjustable tandem. Balance the load after loading to maximize capacity. Easy to operate.

Upcoming Events

  • Forexpo 2020

    Forexpo 2020

    FOREXPO 2020, the forest show of Southern Europe, n the heart of the largest massif of cultivated forest, at the gates of the Pyrenees and the Iberian Peninsula. Every 4 years, 400 European exhibitors, more than 500 international brands present the latest innovations ranging from forestry to logging on a 70 hectare site. Showcase of cultivated forest, all the techniques and know-how, from the ...