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  • Handheld XRF Analyser for Mining and Soil Analysis
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    Handheld XRF Analyser for Mining and Soil Analysis

    By Oxford Instruments plc

    The X-MET7000 Series handheld XRF analyser is the flexible & easy to use tool of choice for elemental analysis in a wide range of industries. Based on the proven technique of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence ...

  • Power Cube
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    Power Cube

    By All Power Labs

    The Power Cube PC20 is a sensible solution to the critical global need for low-carbon energy, using agricultural and forestry waste materials to make on-demand renewable energy for a fraction of the cost of comparable ...

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  • Tropical Agricultural Science Journal  (JTAS)

    Tropical Agricultural Science Journal (JTAS)

    Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science (JTAS) is the official journal of Universiti Putra Malaysia published by UPM Press. It is an ope

  • Vital Forest Graphics 2009

    Vital Forest Graphics 2009

    Forests are not only important for the 1.6 billion people who depend on them for their livelihoods, but for the world’s population at large.