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  • Principal applications of biological control in China

    Principal applications of biological control in China

    While emphasising an interest in developing pilot projects in eco-agriculture, no reference is made to biological control or integrated pest management in the official agricultural yearbooks, which in addition associate a growth of chemical control to an increase in productivity. However, despite the evident predominance of chemical control, there is in China a vast group of researchers and ...

  • Intro to precision forestry

    Intro to precision forestry

    Never before has the interest in preserving natural forests and efficient management of plantations been as great as the present. Demand for wood products is increasing. On the other hand, it is also ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rotary Drum Strainer

    Rotary Drum Strainer

    The SafGard Rotary Drum Strainer (RDS) is designed engineered with a minimum of parts for high mechanical reliability and service life. Economical benefits provide savings, time and labor