Forestry Delimber

Equipment & Solutions

  • Telescopic Delimber
    Showcase Product

    Telescopic Delimber

    By Pierce Pacific Manufacturing, Inc.

    The Denharco telescopic delimber combines the finest elements of our DM4550, with features such as vertical sliding blocks (in lieu of conventional rollers) for extended service life, and minimum tail swing for tighter ...

  • Telescopic Boom Delimber
    Showcase Product

    Telescopic Boom Delimber

    By Quadco Inc.

    The Telescopic model produces faster cycles, is more compact, has longer boom reach and has the versatility to fit most operating conditions. It can deliver boom speeds of up to 16ft/sec. Quadco’s Forespro® ...

  • Delimbers Machine
    Showcase Product

    Delimbers Machine

    By Risley Equipment

    The Lim-mit line of delimbers offers a number of standard features and options that help match each model to a range of applications. The accuracy and speed of these models are unequaled while superior quality in design ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Cutting Systems, Inc.

    Cutting Systems, Inc.

    CSI pioneered the early days of slasher saws and pull through delimbers. Our quality service is known throughout the United States wherever logging ...

  • Riley Forestry Equipment

    Riley Forestry Equipment

    Riley manufactures delimbers for the forestry and logging industry. Our 4800z delimber is a pull through delimber that can be loaded from the left or ...

  • Delimbe


    Delimbe, which has specialized in the manufacture of anti-slug distributors for 25 years, has diversified its products and offers plant cover ...

  • HOOD Equipment, Inc.

    HOOD Equipment, Inc.

    HOOD Equipment fabricates a broad range of forestry equipment and specializes in custom machinery designed for your specific needs. We constantly ...