forestry irrigation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Omaha beach golf course

    The rich green swathes of the new extension of Omaha Golf Course are visual proof of high technol¬ogy at its best, enabling lush ungated grass to survive all year round despite being bordered on two sides by ocean and estuary and buitt on a combination of sand dunes and wetlands. It is a world first, and an international success story for the three main players - local drainlayer Ivor Jones, ...


  • Fostering closer collaboration across the rice value chain

    With increasing challenges in agriculture, and 2015 in particular being a difficult year for farmers in ASEAN, rice farmers need access to technologies to help them increase yields and efficiency. From October 14 to 16, over 100 policymakers and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Irrigation System

    Solar Irrigation System

    How solar pump works: “PV pumping systems” also called “solar pump system”, the system consists of solar modules, controller inverter, and pump three major components.