Forestry Equipment in Quebec

  • Model M-115 - Log Loaders

    Simple hydraulic and mechanical systems, easy to use and maintain. Extra strength and durability. Hydraulic adjustable tandem. Balance the load after loading to maximize capacity. Easy to operate.

    By Groupe Anderson Inc. based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Forestry Product line

  • Cardinal - Chain Bar and Bar-Type Log Turners

    Chain bar log turner : Main frame fabricated of 6' ship and car channel. Single #120 roller chain. Chain bar with 1/2 ' thick side bar with tooth guide. Pivot bearing housing made of 2' thick steel plate with spherical insert bearing. Hydraulic motor on chain drive. Two(2) 2' X 10' stroke hydraulic cylinder. Joystick control. Hydraulic power ...

    By Cardinal based in Québec, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Pro Pac - Model PP513 - Delimber

    Pro Pac delimbers are designed to work hard and for long. Their simple and robust construction reduces maintenance but most of all it reduces the risk of breakage; you get less down time and therefore production increase. They also offer exclusive features designed to facilitate transport. If you are serious about delimbing, you need Pro Pac ...

    By PRO PAC Industries based in Beauce, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Delimbers Product line

  • Telescopic Boom Delimber

    The Telescopic model produces faster cycles, is more compact, has longer boom reach and has the versatility to fit most operating conditions. It can deliver boom speeds of up to 16ft/sec. Quadco’s Forespro® delimbers are engineered with the highest performance standards and can efficiently handle a wide range of forest conditions. They ...

    By Quadco Inc. based in Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Forespro Delimber Product line

  • Model LWF-300 - Log Wave Feeder

    Over 600 in operation worldwide. Ideal for all applications requiring efficient log feeding. Efficiency rate of nearly 100%. Throughput of up to 55 logs per minute. For logs of 2″ to 42″ (5 to 102 cm) in diameter. For all species. No need for human intervention. Log spacing control available. Efficient handling of the following ...

    By Comact based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Equipment – Mechanical - Log Handling & Processing Product line

  • Model LTT-100 - Log Turntable

    Log orientation for small end first in the process. Rotation ensured at 100%. Automatic operation. Quiet, shock-free operation. Customized design for each application. High throughput. Sturdy built. Low maintenance. Reliable operation. Guaranteed performance.

    By Comact based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Equipment – Mechanical - Log Handling & Processing Product line

  • PETE - Model HJ Series - Wood Chippers

    PETE Woodchippers made by Junkkari of Finland are suitable for producing wood chips for heating or mulching. The PETE woodchipper product range includes several models for both private and professional use.  All PETE woodchippers feature a massive cutting disc with fan blades to ensure a steady flow of chips. Chip size is adjustable due to ...

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Kerr - Low Profile Fixed Section Tilt Trailer

    Kerr Trailers’ low profile fixed section tilt trailer makes transporting equipment and machinery easy and safe. The 18 foot long platform provides you with a fixed 5.5 foot section and a 12.5 foot long tilting section. This low profile fixed length tilt trailer tilts approx. 20 degrees to simplify loading and unloading. This trailer is ...

    By Kerr Trailers based in Cookshire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Tilt Trailers Product line

  • Autolog - Canter Twin Optimizer

    The Autolog Canter Twin Optimizer allows for the best log scanning in the industry with its high frequency linear profile scanners.

    By Autolog, Production Management Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Optimization - Softwood Product line

  • Autolog - Transverse Edger Optimizer

    The Autolog Transverse Edger Optimizer allows for the best board scanning in the industry with an outstanding 0.25' scan density.

    By Autolog, Production Management Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Optimization - Softwood Product line

  • Autolog - Recirculation Deletion System

    The Autolog Recirculation Deletion System allows for the elimination of pieces that turn around in the sawmill between the trimmer and the edger. The trimmer optimizer identifies the return pieces with a paint mark. The edger optimizer then detects this mark and eliminates from its solutions those sending the piece to the sorter. This method ...

    By Autolog, Production Management Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Optimization - Softwood Product line

  • Rotobec - Contractor Grapple

    For Use In: Scrap, Waste, Forestry, Grinding, Construction, Demolition, Utility Services. Kits available for both a fixed lower jaw or with an optional tool cylinder.

    By Rotobec Inc. based in Sainte-Justine, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Scrap Product line

  • Feller - Model 900 Series - Bunchers / Harvesters

    Powerful 330 hp Cummins QSL9 engine and low fuel consumption. Highly ef€ cient IQAN control system. Oversized cooling package with hydraulically driven, thermostatic, variable speed, reversible suction fan. Electro-proportional controls (No oil in the cab). Impressive 295 gpm of hydraulic flow and two dedicated closed loop traction pumps for ...

    By Tanguay based in Roberval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Feller Bunchers / Harvesters Product line

  • Cotech - Model CBC100 - Square Bale Grapple

    The grapple requires zero maintenance. The tubes are covered with replaceable Nyloil to maintain consistent and smooth movement. The arms are made of 3.5” by 1/4” thick steel tubing. It also includes 2 double acting 2-5’’ x 36’’ cylinders to maintain consistent movement and pressure. The arms extend out 36' to ...

    By Cotech Inc. based in St-Éloi, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Loader Attachments Product line

  • Harvista - Pre Harvest Technology

    Harvista pre-harvest technology gives orchards a competitive edge by helping deliver the highest quality fruit to market. Harvista allows you to expand the harvest window up to 21 days, keeping fruit on the tree for optimal color, size and firmness. Harvista technology prevents ethylene recognition to slow the natural ripening process, maintaining ...

    By AgroFresh Office in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pre-Harvest Product line

  • Model RigiPot - Reusable Plastic Container

    Offered in a range of sizes to suit all applications, the IPL RigiPot is designed to answer the needs of the tree nursery and forestry industry. Its reusability and durability makes it as economical as it is respectful of the environment.

    By IPL inc. based in Saint-Damien, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Material Handling Product line

  • MERI - Model MJ - Crusher

    Amazing how MERI crusher grinds almost anything from small trees, stumps and branches with its extra hard carbide teeth. The crusher has low power demand compared to its crushing capacity. The crusher is able to crush up to 25 cm (10 inches) below ground level depending on the model. The design of the crusher is module-based so you can choose the ...

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Ecotech - Model GDC30-DF-CA - Plows with Closed Top

    Our GDC-30 series plows with a trip system are flawlessly welded, perfectly designed for the mid sized tractor and powder coated to resist rust and maintain rollover of snow. The independent cutting edge allows each section of the plow to trip without affecting the rest of the frame. This series has a 30’’ high moldboard made of 10 ga ...

    By Cotech Inc. based in St-Éloi, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plowing Equipment Product line

  • V-Flight Measuring Conveyor

    V-flight conveyor for log stability during measurement. Lubricated, guided chain to prevent unwanted shifts. Special design allowing acceleration and deceleration without slippage. References for applications above 650 fpm (200 m/min.). Ideal for measuring in these applications:  bucking, log sorting, and sawing lines. Sturdy, proven design. ...

    By Comact based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Equipment – Primary Breakdown Product line

  • LogExpert - Defect Detection Optimizers

    Designed to capture log or cant ends, the Comact LogExpert determines, right upon sawing, the optimal cutting pattern to increase product value.

    By Comact based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Sawmill Equipment – Electronic - Expert Linear Optimizers Product line

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