Forestry Equipment in Quebec

  • Rotobec - Log Grapples

    RT model rotations feature continuous rotation.RT models to match any machine and application.Patented design by Rotobec.

    By Rotobec Inc. based in Sainte-Justine, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Log Grapples Product line

  • Model M-90 - Log Loaders

    Can be attached to ATV, truck, car or tractor. Lightweight, strong, highly maneuverable. Minimize ground compaction while handling and transporting substantial loads. Easy to operate.

    By Groupe Anderson Inc. based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Log Loaders Product line

  • Kerrs - Log Trailer

    Kerr’s Log Trailers offer you quality and reliability in order to accomplish hard work efficiently. Available in AC and SC models, our Logging trailers come with 17 or 19.5 foot long platforms. The AC Forestry model is equipped with a strong, long reaching and wide lifting hydraulic boom that provides you with powerful lifting capacity. Kerr ...

    By Kerr Trailers based in Cookshire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Log Trailer Product line

  • Arbro - Model 400 & 1000 - Stroke Harvester Head

    Arbro-Stroke is a stroke harvester, which fells, delimbs and cuts trees to length.  Arbro-Stroke harvester is available in two models that can be easily installed on a standard loader. Arbro-Stroke 400 is especially meant for thinning operations and Arbro-Stroke 1000 can also handle bigger tasks. Compared to other same size harvester heads ...

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Arbro - Model 275R & 375R - Roller Harvester Head

    The Arbro Roller harvester series is a new concept in tree harvesting. Now available in two different models from the light weight 275R to the larger 375R model. Fell, delimb and cut to length. The 275R can be mounted on a loader attached to a farm tractor. The 275R harvester is ideal for first thinnings. The machine is capable of doing 9.5'' ...

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Monoboom Delimber

    Ideal in large softwoods or the toughest hardwoods. It can deliver the highest delimbing force, with drive motor and sprocket size matched for the job. Quadco’s Forespro Monoboom delimbers are engineered with the highest performance standards and can efficiently handle a wide range of forest conditions. They are built to last and are easy to ...

    By Quadco Inc. based in Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Monoboom Delimber Product line

  • Cant Optimizer Conveyor

    Conveyor for linear cant scanning at secondary breakdown. Guided, lubricated chain to prevent unwanted shifts. Roof-top chain for stopping and accelerating cants without slippage. References for applications above 650 fpm (200 m/min.). Ideal for measuring in TBL3 or wiggle-box applications. Sturdy, proven design. Electrically driven. Available ...

    By Comact based in Saint-Georges, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cant Optimizer Conveyor Product line

  • Ultimate - Model 5660 - Harvesting Head

    Speed : Thanks to its new High Speed Hydraulics and Quad Tooth®, the saw’s fast cutting speed provides high production and quality cuts. Reliable : Our circular saw is more “forgiving” than bar and chain and practically trouble free. Operating benefits also include the capability of cleaning unwanted underbrush to enhance ...

    By Quadco Inc. based in Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Harvesting Head Product line

  • Model L-Series - Robust Purposed Built Processor

    Model L220B, designed for 22″ and smaller, short lengths, has no computer, one or two bolt-on butt plates adjustable from 8′ to 17′ to suit mill requirements. Model L240 has computer measuring, no butt plates and larger feed motors. Both are well suited to road-side or behind-the-buncher CTL processing. Require min. 25 ton class ...

    By Quadco Inc. based in Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Robust Purposed Built Processor Product line

  • Wood Chipper

    Capacity 3.5 ? Gravityfeed Veryhigh performance P.T.O. driven Designed for heavyduty jobs

    By Payeur Distributions Inc. based in Ascot Corner (Sherbrooke), QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Powersplit - Single-Vertical Splitter

    The Single Vertical Splitter with Conveyor is the baby brother of the Double Vertical Splitter with Conveyor.  It offers identical construction, design, and flexibility in a half the package, operating with one working Splitting ram instead of two. Apart from that little fact, it is identical. This machine is tailored to the professional ...

    By Powersplit International Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Pedno - Model MD - Double Multi Ring Forestry Chain

    Better protection on wide tires. Available in Xtreme-Steel.

    By SCP 89 Inc.-Pedno based in Laterrière, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Double Multi Ring Forestry Chain Product line

  • GILBERT - Model Hi-Cut II - Machined Saw Disc

    The Hi-Cut II is a one-piece, machined saw disc. Its design allows for optimal clearance of the tree support plate. This saw disc makes a clean and precise cut. It works well on both hardwood and softwood. Its 22 teeth offer a smoother cut (vs. 16 or 18) requesting less energy to the feller buncher. Its thickness offers less flexion and torsion of ...

    By GILBERT Products Inc. based in Roberval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Machined Saw Disc Product line

  • Model AM 35 X 24 T - Log Splitters

    lenght : 87''. width: 32''. Capacity (log): 24''. Cylindre: 3-1/2'' x 24''. Pression: 3000PSI. Maximum Force: 20 tons. frame:  6X6

    By AM Machinery based in L`islet, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Transfacoteur - Log Carrier & Holde

    New kind of basket for carrying firewood and for other environmental work. Concept, method and tools to enjoy the daily firewood handling.

    By Wil-Be Equipments inc. based in Pintendre, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Log Carrier & Holde Product line

  • IGLAND - Model 85H - Winch

    IGLAND most powerful one-drum forest winch. This is a very solid and robust winch designed for large tasks. The winch is equipped with a large butt-plate providing excellent ground support and is ideal for timber stacking at the loading site. Very good drum capacity provides for a variety.

    By Pickens Farm Equipment based in Waterloo, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Winch Product line

  • Model V2M - Logging Semi-Trailers

    The V2M semi-trailer adapts to any type of log you can throw at it! With a design inspired by that of the Viking, our most popular trailer, the V2M also features a modular bunk system and stakes in order to adapt its configuration according to the lengths and types of logs you’re hauling. This versatile, ultra-light semi-trailer ensures ...

    By Deloupe based in Saint-Évariste, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Logging Semi-Trailers Product line

  • Viking - Logging Semi Trailer

    Deloupe’s star product, the Viking logging semi-trailer, is custom-fabricated at a competitive price to meet both your needs and budget. Known throughout North America for its ruggedness and durability, Viking semi-trailers are fabricated with only high-end materials to ensure unequalled quality.

    By Deloupe based in Saint-Évariste, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Logging Semi Trailer Product line

  • Hakmet - Model NOKKA 1200 - Timber Grabs

    NOKKA Timber Grabs are an economical and efficient forwarding tool for thinning or harvesting firewood. Large bundles can be forwarded due to the wide opening of the grapple and a fair clearance between the grapple and the slew joint. Great grapple force, supports between the grapple and the mounting frame and the optional tooth bar in model Super ...

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Hakmet Nokka - Model HK Series - Grapple Loaders

    Grapple Loaders are efficient and strongly built equipment for use all year round. Due to many available mounting alternatives, wide ranges of accessories and versatile operating features, the Nokka grapple loaders are well suited for various loading and lifting tasks on different kinds of base machines.

    By Hakmet Ltd. based in Grenville, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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