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  • Ejector Scraper
    Showcase Product

    Ejector Scraper

    By Montefiori S.n.c

    JERK NEW EJECTOR SCRAPER CAPACITY 2/2.5 CUBIC METERS FOR 55/120 HP TRACTORS Unique of its kind, high technology construction. Conceived by the specific use of restoration of the grounds with tree plantations, fruit ...

  • Attachment for Tractor
    Showcase Product

    Attachment for Tractor

    By Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    The lift mast with the bolted-on tree spade is attached to the hitch points of the tractor. The upper link is a hydraulic cylinder which can tilt the lift mast and align the tree vertically.

  • Tree Spade
    Showcase Product

    Tree Spade

    By Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    Upper Rootball Diameter: 36 cm. Rootball Depth: 30 cm. Working Height: 78 cm. Width Gate Closed: 69 cm. Width Gate Open: 99 cm. Clearance Open Gate: 48 cm. Inner Frame Diameter: 28 cm. Weight Empty: 150 kg. Rootball ...

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  • Diversified Products Marketing, Inc.(DPM)

    Diversified Products Marketing, Inc.(DPM)

    DPM, Inc has been manufacturing the Nursery Jaws family of loader attachments for over 25 years. Now you can turn a two or three man job into a one ...

  • Batouwe nurseries BV

    Batouwe nurseries BV

    Helping to improve the results of growers by delivering high quality products is Batouwe’s mission. With this in mind, Willem and Henk Huibers ...

  • Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH was founded in 1977, and soon the product range was expanded to include tree spades for nurseries, with diameters of 70, ...

  • SankalpTaru


    SankalpTaru… A solemn pledge to plant and nurture trees. SankalpTaru Foundation is a non-profit organization that initiates, develops and manages ...

  • Lemar Tree Spades

    Lemar Tree Spades

    Lemar Tree Spades has a rich history of over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the nursery and landscape industry. Our innovative team has ...