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  • Curved Blade Tree Transplanting Truck Spade
    Showcase Product

    Curved Blade Tree Transplanting Truck Spade

    By Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman’s curved-blade 100” truck mount is ideal for digging up to 12” trees. This unit needs to be mounted to a Tandem Axle Truck with 20,000 fronts and 46,000 rears. Cab-to-trunion needs to be ...

  • Spade Tarp
    Showcase Product

    Spade Tarp

    By Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman offer`s a large selection of spade tarps, not only Dutchman spades but others brand`s as well!.

  • Dirt Cover
    Showcase Product

    Dirt Cover

    By Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman`s new dirt cover assures the least amount of soil lost while in transport. Two fabricated metal plates with a horseshoe cutout also allow the operator to easily center the tree trunk.

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  • The Last Days of the Rainbelt

    Out on the Colorado plains, you can still take old U.S. Highway 40 east of Denver. The lonely two-lane road leaves the Front Range and the famous ...

  • Promising African plants

    This full-colour publication highlights 25 promising African plants, a selection from 10 years PROTA programme.    They include vegetables (e.g. ...

  • Global review of forests pests and diseases

    Insect pests, diseases and other biotic agents have considerable impacts on forests. They can adversely affect tree growth, vigour and survival, the ...

  • /files/6562/publications/42715/144.1220608052_DCP1025NA-L(PlantforthePlanet-TheBillionTreeCampaign)-100.jpg

    Plant for the Planet : The Billion Tree Campaign

    This publication can introduce but a fraction of the energy and results inspired by the Campaign. It is intended to convey the range of partners ...

  • /files/6562/publications/42710/198.1219930864_DCP1057NA-L(Toguylosarbolesdelavida)-100.jpg

    Togu y los arboles de la vida

    Children's environmental awareness booklet on forests with its fauna and flora. This publication is aimed at sensitizing children to the importance ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman Industries is the leading manufacturer of Tree Spades. Not only do we custom build Tree Spades, but we also produce top quality equipment ...

  • Mac Bert S.A.S.

    Mac Bert S.A.S.

    The Extir-Plants’s tree spades are very robust machines, tested since more than 20 years of utilization by nurserymen all over the world. Our tree ...

  • The Vassar Company

    The Vassar Company

    The Vassar Company offers a fiill line of fann implements for CAT (category) 0,1, and H These implements include landscape rakes, box blades, post ...

  • Olema Engineering Ltd

    Olema Engineering Ltd

    Quality UK Based Engineering Company Specialising in Machines for Horticultural Industries. Olema Engineering Ltd’s birth happened when our MD Bill ...

  • Abingdon Health

    Abingdon Health

    Pocket Diagnostic is a range of plant disease rapid tests. With a focus on producing rapid results, Pocket Diagnostic offers the ability to test for ...