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Tree Handling equipment for Forestry

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    LUCY - Automatic Weeder Machine

    One-sided auto weeding machine LUCY – Reduces your costs and your environmental impact! LUCY – an innovative, hydraulically powered auto hoe weeding machine is intended for weed control, destroying weeds in orchards of fruit trees, vegetables, plantations of berry bushes vineyards, apples, apricots, blueberries, nuts orchards, ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Weeders Product line

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    TELMA - Herbicide Spray Boom

    Is designed to control the weeds in tree orchards. TELMA can also fight weeds under bushes in the plantations of berry shrubs.

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Herbicide Spray Booms Product line

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    Mice, Rat, Rodent Control

    Rodents – most commonly mice and rats – are some of the most problematic pests. These creatures live wherever humans live, especially in urban areas. Mice and rats have acute hearing, are sensitive to ultrasound, and hold a highly developed sense of smell. Bird-X rodent control products are designed to attack these very senses, which ...

    By Bird-X Inc. based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Animal & Rodent Products - Rodent Control Product line

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    Model KS 220R - Mowers and Slashers for Orchard and Plantation

    Maintenance of cleanliness between rows of bush and trees is one of the care treatment, which you have to regularly repeat on your plantations or in your orchard.  KS 220R mower-shredder eliminates the necessity of using herbicides. It can be also used for destroying ground-part of old berry-bush plantations. An additional rotor attached to ...

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    DARIA - Berry Planters

    Fruit planter machine DARIA is designed for an easy and fast planting of berry bushes on fruit farms. It is a universal, one-raw machine adapted to transplant shrubs of blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, haskap berries, saskatoon berries and other similar sized bushes. It can also be used to transplant small fruit ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Planter Product line

  • Model RVE - Rotary Valves

    The RVE rotary valve is a heavy-duty machine made of machined welded steel. It is suitable for handling materials in powder and granular form and can withstand pressure differences of 0.8 Bar, i.e. it is suitable for applications that use pneumatic conveyors.

    By RONCUZZI S.r.l. based in Mezzano (RAVENNA), ITALY. from Feeding Product line

  • Damcon - Model PL-10 - Tree Planting Machine

    The smallest tree planting machine in our program. These machines are very suitable for planting root stocks, whips and conifers. The PL-10 is available as a 1-row, 2-row, 3-row and 4-row machine. To pull a 1-row planting machine a tractor with 20 hp is needed, for the 4-row machine a tractor with  85 hp is needed. These planting machines can ...

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Tree Planting Machines Product line

  • Nutricote - Slow Released Coated Fertilizer

    Very little sensitive to leaching, NUTRICOTE has been designed to smoothly release the mineral elements over the chosen duration. Producers and bloomers are now seeking competitive, high-quality products that can be used according to a specific and environmentally friendly production scheme. NUTRICOTE, a progressive release coated fertilizer, ...

    By Fertil based in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE. from Fertilizers Product line

  • Acer negundo (Boxedler)

    Habit: Boxelder, or Ash-Leafed Maple, is a mid-sized understory tree native to Eastern North America. It is the only compound leafed native maple. Unfortunately Boxedler has a bad reputation as a short lived tree that breaks easily in storms and wind. However, if pruned and managed while young it can grow into a quite handsome rounded tree with ...

    By Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. based in Union Bridge, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Landscape Mix

    McGill Landscape Mix has been specifically formulated for landscaping applications in sandy and loamy soils. It's the perfect growing media for perennial and annual planting beds and an effective alternative to peat with several key advantages: Contains essentials for good plant growth, Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC) for slow-release of ...

    By McGill Environmental Systems based in Harrells, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Suma BGU Maschinen - Model SM 300 – 230 V - Horizontal Wood Splitter

    The Spaltmeister SM 300 with 230 V electriv drive can split straight into the wheelbarrow.

    By Süma BGU-Maschinen based in Nordhausen, GERMANY. from Log Splitters Product line

  • Model V - 5290 - Vertical Beater Manure Spreader

    ASAE capacity, 425 bu. heaped, 290 cu. ft. struck level. Genuine BERMA beater assembly with two high-speed vertical beaters. 34.6' diameter, 420 RPM. Tall beater assembly to handle heaped loads. Endgate / Wood Rails / High-density poly floor & sides. Galvanized beater pan / cab protector. 1000 RPM operation. Cutout clutch / over-running ...

    By N.E. Hagedorn & Sons Limited based in Petrolia, ONTARIO (CANADA). from V Series - Vertical Beater Product line

  • Highgrow - Planthouse

    Combine hard landscaping with lofty headroom with the Highgrow Planthouse, a half-brick, half-glass structure that delivers a semi-dodecagon of glazing to flood plants with light and warmth, while its lower extremities, built of brick, offer protection against scorching to the lower leaves and roots – as well as somewhere to store provisions ...

    By Hartley Botanic based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Heritage Greenhouses Product line

  • Afron - Model HD1100N-4PU - Dual Boom Topper Hedger

    A variation on the extremely popular HD1100N, the medium duty HD1100-4PU is intended for narrow hedging rather than cross hedging. Its compact size and center boom enable efficient performance in all types of closely planted trees. It is especially suitable for narrow hedging of pistachios and almonds. The six 24” diameter saw blades are ...

  • Cornus Nuttalli - Pacific Dogwood

    Our native dogwood tree flowers in April or May before its leaves are out. Some years it also blooms in September. What we think of as the flowers are really the showy white bracts which surround the little flower. Fall color varies from yellows to reddish. It does best in wooded, well drained settings. Tolerates some shade. Good wildlife plant - ...

    By Native Plant Nursery based in Gig Harbor, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • DCM MIX - Model 2- NPK (Mg) 7-6-12 (4) - Compound Organo-Mineral Fertiliser

    Ideal fertiliser for flowering plants, shrubs, trees, roses, perennials, fruit trees, strawberries, fruiting vegetables, tuberous vegetables and to fertilise lawns in summer and in autumn … contains 4% magnesium (MgO) for deep green leaves. Thanks to its mild action this fertiliser is also extremely suitable for the sensitive roots of young ...

    By De Ceuster Meststoffen NV (DCM) based in Grobbendonk, BELGIUM. from Garden Care Product line

  • Intermercato - Model 210er, 250er, 300er - Excavator Shears

    Intermercato released their Tiger Cut excavator harvesting shears a few years ago in Europe and it increased the efficiency of harvesting systems overnight in small scale forestry.

    By Intermercato Grapples based in MT Lawley, AUSTRALIA. from Grapples Product line

  • Brasifun - Model 250 EC - Water Dispersible Fungicide

    Water dispersible fungicide in the form of liquid concentrate. It protects plants such as barley, oat, corn, wheat, peanut, grapevine, banana, stone fruit trees (peach, cherry, nectarine), tomato, pepper, ornamental plants and the Cucurbitaceae family plants. Apply preventively and interventionally for to protect winter rapeseed against fungal ...

    By BEST-PEST M. J. Świętosławscy Sp.j. ZPUH based in Jaworzno, POLAND. from Commercial Offer Product line

  • Ultralight Manual Shears

    For pruning fruit trees and garden plants. The super-lightweight shears for an effortless manual pruning. These two 19 cm ultralight manual secateurs have been specially developed for prolonged use, to prevent hand fatigue.

    By Lisam s.r.l. based in Imola (Bo), ITALY. from Pruning- Manual Pruning Product line

  • Model DD-S - Small Diameter Dendrometer

    The DD-S is designed specifically for agricultural plants, small trees and branches. It is suitable for plants with a diameter of less than 5 cm. Due to a patented mounting method, the dendrometer also provides for very small plants stable readings.

    By Ecomatik based in Dachau/Munich, GERMANY. from Dendrometer Product line

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