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  • Can superfoods boost the planet’s health, too?

    As demand for African and Asian tree-based superfoods grows, researchers and entrepreneurs eye ways to maximize benefits for the environment.It can seem like new health food fads pop up every week — fads that often fade as quickly as they appear. Two gaining steam lately, though, may be worth a longer look: baobab and moringa. Traditional fare in parts of Africa (and for moringa, As


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  • Tree Tyer

    Tree Tyer

    Dutchman`s Tree Spade`s on-going commitment to building quality nursery machinery continues with the introduction of our new `Tree Tyer`. The focus on building a quality tyer meant that a top ring was needed to funnel the branches accordingly. It also called for a hydraulic gate system and an inverted steel ring. Inverting a steel ring allowed for a smoother rotation with less chance of the ring ...