Tree Planting equipment for Forestry available in Nicaragua

  • Tigercat - Model 718E - Tree Feller Bunchers

    With excellent visibility to the rear wheels, a tight turning radius and short overall length, the quick and compact 718E feller buncher is the ultimate machine for plantation thinning applications. Plantation row thinning is an intensive and demanding application with fast cycles and a great deal of machine travel. The 718E is simple and ...

    By Tigercat Industries Inc. based in Brantford, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Tree Feller Bunchers Product line

  • Forestry Suppliers, Inc. One-Piece Augers

    Simple one-piece design is ideal for soil sampling, tree planting, and placing gypsum blocks or tensiometers. Features include 13ý cross handle with vinyl grips and 42ý extension rod. Augers have maximum sampling depth of approximately 55ý. Buckets are made of carbon steel. Available in either 3ý or 4ý diameter. Choose regular auger for sandy or ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Vermeer - Model TS20 - Tree Spade

    The TS20 mini tree spade contains all the Vermeer innovations that you need. With its narrow profile, it zips in and out of tight rows at the nursery to dig out, lift and plant trees up to 2”/5 cm in diameter. Not only is it easy to operate, the TS20 is easy to maintain, too, because it features hydraulic cylinders.

    By Vermeer based in Pella, IOWA (USA). from Tree Spade Product line

  • Damcon - Model PL-10 - Tree Planting Machine

    The smallest tree planting machine in our program. These machines are very suitable for planting root stocks, whips and conifers. The PL-10 is available as a 1-row, 2-row, 3-row and 4-row machine. To pull a 1-row planting machine a tractor with 20 hp is needed, for the 4-row machine a tractor with  85 hp is needed. These planting machines can ...

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Tree Planting Machine Product line

  • Damcon - Soil Drill

    Soil drills for drilling planting holes, available with one, three or five drills. The soil drills are suitable for the 3-points connection of a tractor and for mounting to a crane. Drills available with different diameters between 150 and 1000 mm. The length of the drills varies between 400 and 1000 mm. The soil drills can be provided with a ...

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Soil Drill Product line

  • Damcon - Block Planting Distance Indicator

    Since 1998 we have the high end Block soil drills in our assortment. The experience we gained with it since then is making us a reliable (service) partner for you. The Block planting distance indicator is a nice option for those soil drills, the distance indicator provides a high planting precision. Even if you drive to far you can simply drive ...

    By Damcon B.V. based in Dodewaard, NETHERLANDS. from Block Planting Distance Indicator Product line

  • Model GMT050 - Felling Head

    The felling head GMT050FH is special designed for cutting full trees on plantations. The saw casing is mounted on the grapple arm what gives the saw an ideal position for felling trees. The last piece what will be cut is the felling direction of the tree, so you have a perfect control on the tree. Also the saw bar will last long because the saw ...

    By Gierkink Machine Techniek (GMT) based in Vragender, NETHERLANDS. from Felling Head Product line

  • Model C-Frame - CFd - Downspray Sprayer

    The C-Frame Downspray is a 360° spray jet that distributes water evenly across the wetted surface area. Stake assembly options provide savings in labour and installation time.

    By Antelco Corporation based in Longwood, FLORIDA (USA). from Downspray Sprayer Product line

  • Demtec - Model 5016 - Potting Machines

    There is potting work that must be done with great care: trees or large plants must be taken out of the ground and be put in containers, or large plants must be transferred from one container to another.  One often seems to think that this can only be done by hand.  Therefore, demtec has developed a slow-turning machine that turns this ...

    By Demaitere bvba - demtec based in Moorslede, BELGIUM. from Potting Machines Product line

  • Filterra - Bioretention Systems

    Filterra is similar to bioretention in its function and application, but has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Its small footprint allows it to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots and streetscapes. Filterra is exceedingly adaptable and can be used alone or in combination ...

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Bioretention Systems Product line

  • Waterboxx - Plant Cocoon

    There are multiple big problems in this world. Desertification, sinking water tables, erosion, hunger and poverty. The patented Waterboxx® plant cocoon is to solution for these problems. The Waterboxx® plant cocoon reduces the water use in agriculture and trees can be planted with less water. The Waterboxx® plant cocoon uses 90% less ...

    By Groasis BV based in Steenbergen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Vermeer - Model TS50M - Tree Spade

    Engineered for extra power and maneuverability, the TS50M tree spade is a truck-mounted workhorse that is ideal for landscape operations. Four durable, ground-penetrating spades can dig, lift and plant trees up to 5”/13 cm in diameter. Exceptionally dependable and built to last.

    By Vermeer based in Pella, IOWA (USA). from Tree Spade Product line

  • Model B350 - Tree Spade Extir Plants

    The Extir-Plants B350 has 3 spades that descend almost vertically into the ground and 2 lateral lances who to cut the taproot of the plant descending down into the ground in an arc. They cross on the taproot working as a pair of scissors. The B350 realizes a truncated cone clods ranging from a minimum of cm.25/30 of superior diameter to a maximum ...

    By Mac Bert S.A.S. based in Ferrara, ITALY.

  • Tree Auger

    The Landscape Aggressor tree auger is specifically designed for horticulture plantings. The two-stage cutting profile produces a stepped-hole profile designed to fit the root ball while providing additional clearance for proper backfilling.

    By Pengo Attachments, inc based in Laurens, IOWA (USA). from Tree Auger Product line

  • Tree Grate

    We manufacture decorative garden & street furniture in gray cast iron and ductile iron, an example of which is Tree grates (tree surround, street grate, tree grille).Tree grates provides an excellent & aesthetic way to help integrate trees into the urban landscape. Tree grates provide enough space for the tree while allowing free flow of ...

    By Rokan industry Co.,Limited based in shijiazhuang, CHINA. from Tree Grate Product line

  • Tree Planting Systems

    The GreenBlue Infrastructure Solutions ArborSystem brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design and simplifies the design and installation process for specifiers and installers.

    By GreenBlue Urban based in Bodiam, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Arbosana - Olive Tree

    The ‘Arbosana’ variety is early production and high productivity. Due to its lack in vigour, it is very well suited to high-density plantings. Sensitive to the cold, its small fruit matures various weeks after the ‘Arbequinas’s’.  It produces an intense green fruitiness Virgin oil with high levels of bitterness ...

    By Vivers JM Vidal, SL based in Vinyols i els Arcs, SPAIN.

  • EllePot - Tree Production System

    Save money, labor costs, and time for your tree liner production.  Blackmore and Ellepot have the system for effective tree propagation. Get stronger healthier root system and natural development after planting. See the Jumbo Ellepot machine in action here:

    By FibreDust LLC based in Cromwell, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Tree Production System Product line

  • Gramegna - Model SB1 - Hole Digger

    The SB1 hole digger is an absolutely new and patented innovation in the field of replanting vines and tree planting in general. In a minute it makes an ideal hole without compaction, with the same characteristics as one dug by hand with a spade. It hooks up behind the tractor via the standard three-point linkage with four hydraulic sockets.

    By Gramegna s.r.l. based in Broni (PV), ITALY.

  • Trijet - Emitters

    An innovative series of emitters specifically designed for irrigation of young plants of oil palm trees and other trees planted in large spacing. The emitters throw a jet of water directly into the root zone , thus eliminating the waste of water. The product is available in three configurations :

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd. based in Yavne, ISRAEL. from Emitters Product line

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