Tree Spades

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tree Baskets
    Showcase Product

    Tree Baskets

    By Holt Industrial

    Designed to work hand in hand with Holt Tree Spades, and other leading spades. These single wire wound baskets are robot wound and welded for a no surprise fit every time. The basketing process is simplified with these ...

  • Skid Loaders with Rear Stabilizers
    Showcase Product

    Skid Loaders with Rear Stabilizers

    By Tree Equipment Design, Inc.

    Skid loaders with rear stabilizers transfer the weight to the tree spade for maximum digging. This allows you to dig in soil which is rock-solid and hardened.

Companies & Suppliers

  • Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH

    Optimal-Vertrieb Opitz GmbH was founded in 1977, and soon the product range was expanded to include tree spades for nurseries, with diameters of 70, ...

  • Dutchman Industries Inc

    Dutchman Industries Inc

    We at Dutchman are pleased to offer our line of truck spades ready to tackle the largest or smallest tree transplanting jobs. For years people have ...

  • Lemar Tree Spades

    Lemar Tree Spades

    Lemar Tree Spades has a rich history of over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the nursery and landscape industry. Our innovative team has ...

  • Holt Industrial

    Holt Industrial

    The first Holt tree spade was designed and built by Jack Holt in 1957. At this time Jack was digging and moving trees by hand with 3 helpers. After ...

  • Mac Bert S.A.S.

    Mac Bert S.A.S.

    The Extir-Plants’s tree spades are very robust machines, tested since more than 20 years of utilization by nurserymen all over the world. Our tree ...