Wood Log Splitting

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  • Cold Weather Maintenance

    Brrrrr! It’s cold out there! In severely cold weather, it is important to remember that your equipment maintenance regime should be even more vigilant. Some special attention is needed for machines that are actually used during these cold months. Your lawn mower, brush cutter, and wood chipper will likely be fine sitting in the shed all winter, but machines such as snow blowers will ...


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  • Home & Garden Splitters

    Home & Garden Splitters

    Are you cutting your own timber in a large garden or buying in un-cut timber to split? We offer a range of premium-grade domestic log splitters that are inspired by and manufactured  to the same standards of fit and finish as the most powerful commercial log splitters. If you are searching for a smaller machine that will prove durable, near maintenance free, pack lots of power and be a pleasure ...