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  • Garden Fence Net
    Showcase Product

    Garden Fence Net

    By Xinle Gude Plastic Net Co., Ltd.

    Garden Fencing Mesh is a plastic mesh for use within the garden as a general purpose plastic garden mesh. Ideal for many applications including garden fencing, garden shading, tree guards, plant support, screening and ...

  • Acer negundo (Boxedler)
    Showcase Product

    Acer negundo (Boxedler)

    By Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc.

    Habit: Boxelder, or Ash-Leafed Maple, is a mid-sized understory tree native to Eastern North America. It is the only compound leafed native maple. Unfortunately Boxedler has a bad reputation as a short lived tree that ...

  • Hydraulic Inter-Row Disk
    Showcase Product

    Hydraulic Inter-Row Disk

    By FACMA s.r.l.

    The inter-row disk is an accessory which can be mounted on the mulcher Facma, ideal for the infesting grass cutting in the inter-rows and around the trees trunks. It works carefully and with extreme agility, without ...

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  • Agromelca S.L.

    Agromelca S.L.

    Agromelca, SL manufactures adapted equipment to the type of crop that you have, the type of tree (2-3 feet, young plantation, old plantation, etc.) ...

  • Great Northern Firewood

    We are Duluth’s Premier Firewood Seller. We provide well-seasoned, sustainably harvested firewood to our community within the quarantined area for ...

  • Flier Systems B.V.

    Flier Systems B.V.

    Flier Systems is a reliable and dependable supplier specialising in the design of customer-specific machinery and systems for the horticultural ...

  • Ecosack


    Ecosack produce a full range of paper sacks and liners for all purposes from garden refuse sacks and paper collection sacks to kitchen bin liners and ...

  • Société Plastique d`Innovation et de Distribution (SPID)

    Société Plastique d`Innovation et de Distribution (SPID)

    SPID is based in Brittany, an important agricultural region in north-west France, and has been at the fore front of the development and production of ...