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  • Silage Covers
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    Silage Covers

    By Brett Brothers Ltd

    Cut in dry conditions to maximise dry matter. Delay cutting to the afternoon when grass sugars are at their highest. Get the sugar levels tested before cutting, aiming for a minimum of 2.5-3.0%. Aim to wilt the crop for ...

  • Conserving Baled Silage
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    Conserving Baled Silage

    By Brett Brothers Ltd

    For top quality baled silage cut leafy material when seed heads are emerging. Cut when grass is dry and aim to leave on the ground for one night only. Attempt to wilt grass to about 28—35% dry matter. Ensure that ...

  • Stab-A-Nut Large Acorn Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Stab-A-Nut Large Acorn Harvester

    By Bag-A-Nut, LLC

    We engineered the Stab-A-Nut to pick up as effectively as our larger rolling harvesters, but at a more affordable price. This Stab-A-Nut was designed with the "backyard" large acorn tree owners in mind. ...

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  • SCH Supplies Ltd.

    SCH Supplies Ltd.

    They say that necessity is the mother of invention – and this is certainly true of the birth of SCH (Supplies) Ltd. Back in 1986, Managing Director ...

  • XiGo Nanotools

    XiGo Nanotools

    Go Nanotools was founded by Sean Race and Dr. David Fairhurst in 2005 with the mission to provide new innovate “tools” for the emerging nanomaterials ...