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  • Should organic certification be banned for hydroponic crops?

    Should organic certification be banned for hydroponic crops?

    The USDA recommendation also includes banning aquaponics and aeroponics. The proposal would allow for some types of container production systemsthat meet the nitrogen formulas provided by the Crops Subcommittee. Aquaponics is being defined as a recirculating hydroponic plant production system in which plants are grown in nutrients originating from aquatic animal wastewater. Aeroponics is ...

  • Fishing for a Solution

    Fishing for a Solution

    As writer Rowan Jacobsen explores in our recent feature “Has Meat Met Its Match?,” animal agriculture’s hefty environmental footprint is creating interest in exploring ways to meet ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Side Discharge Sea Pump

    Side Discharge Sea Pump

    The Dolphin Super Aqua Sea pump is a 2” side discharge pump with a higher speed for systems needing higher pressure. They have the same advanced seals and aggressive impellers as used in the Super Amp Master pumps.