Biological Crop Protection

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  • Bird Scare Cannon
    Showcase Product

    Bird Scare Cannon

    By Kurtbomsan Tarim Makinalari Ltd.

    Operates with LP, propane or buthane gas, upto 20 bar pressure. Standard device operates with 12 kg house type LPG tank. For different size LPG tanks, request adaptor and regulator. Electronic ignition, powered by 12 V ...

  • Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon
    Showcase Product

    Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon

    By Kurtbomsan Tarim Makinalari Ltd.

    Kurtbomsan Mechanical Bird Scarer is powered by readily available, economical propane gas. It produces an average amount of 120 decibel blast without giving any harm to the nature and all living creatures, and protects ...

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    Biotechnology Deskbook

    Few topics are as controversial as the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture, medicine, forestry, environmental remediation, and other ...

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    Environmental Impacts of Microbial Insecticides

    This book will respond to the growing need to assess non-target impacts of biological pest control methods. So far, no review - let alone a handbook ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Romvijay Biootech Private Limited

    Romvijay Biootech is a leading manufacture and supplier of high quality biofertilizers, biopesticides, biofungicides and biodecomposers and other bio ...

  • Agrinos Inc

    Agrinos Inc

    To improve the productivity and sustainability of the twenty-first-century farmer, Agrinos is helping shape the future of modern agriculture. The ...

  • Arrigoni S.p.A.

    Arrigoni S.p.A.

    Arrigoni group has been in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it started production of nets in polyethylene. It has 50 years of ...

  • International Biocontrol Manufacturers` Association (IBMA)

    International Biocontrol Manufacturers` Association (IBMA)

    IBMA aims to be the voice of the Biocontrol industry and effectively represent all its members at national and supranational levels. Therefore IBMA ...

  • Seipasa, s.a

    Seipasa, s.a

    Seipasa is a Spanish company specialized in the development and formulation of botanical-based solutions for agriculture. In Seipasa we research, ...