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  • Growing currants and other berries organically

    Growing currants and other berries organically

    Northern of Latvia is region where there are relatively many crops with ecological berry plantations – including currants. As a company, we had the opportunity to personally see it in June this year. Together with our dealer – the SIA POLTEH company we took part in the Farm’s Open Day ( which was organized by ones of the local berry’s producers. The event was accompanied ...


  • SADY OGRODY 2016 – Award for OSKAR 4WD

    SADY OGRODY 2016 – Award for OSKAR 4WD

    In the category of orchard/gardening machines, SADY OGRODY gave prizes for the most “Innovative Horticultural Product 2016” awarded the Self Propelled Harvester OSKAR 4WD from Jagoda JPS. Farmers appreciated the JAGODA JPS equipment, due ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Half-Row Berry Harvester

    Half-Row Berry Harvester

    JOANNA PREMIUM was designed to pick up fruits from high and thick bushes. The machine quarantees an effective picking and a very high quality of the harvested fruits, with minimum operating actions and constant working parameters. The implementation of innovative covers and sealing systems eliminates fruits losses and positively influences the cleaning unit efficiency.