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    Improved Recovery of the Fungicide Carbendazim from Various Orange Juice Matrices

    Fungicide carbendazim can some times be used to combat mold on citrus fruits including oranges. Recently, low residue levels of the fungicide were reported to be present in the bulk orange juice import shipments to the USA. Because this compound can persist through processing steps and may be found in the final consumer product, many government agencies have established maximum residue limits ...

    By Merck

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    Mycotoxin Standards Brochure

    Some fungal genera like Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, etc. produce mycotoxins. These toxic secondary metabolites are harmful to animal and human health if they enter the food chain via contaminated crops and fruits or through processed food and feed products. Therefore, in at least 100 countries limits are set for mycotoxin levels for food and feed. For a precise detection of all regulated ...

    By Merck

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    Healthier Trees and Fruit De Nora Solutions - Brochure

    Out of experience De Nora, a team of specialists has been created capabile of providing new solutions for the care of your trees and your integrated or organic fruit and vegetable ...

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    Instruments and analyzers for agriculture minimum temperature - Brochure

    Prediction of minimum temperature and frost damage is a common method and important application in the field of agriculture like outdoors crops growth. In particular the areas where vegetation can be exposed to low temperatures, frost can be disastrous for young plants or fruits. Heat loss measurements inside a greenhouse is a similar application to control the temperature of the crop. When the ...

    By EKO Instruments

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    AirCrow - Inflatable Scare Crow - Brochure

    AirCrow is the first inflatable scarecrow specifically designed to humanely defend gardens, hobby orchards, small vineyards, boat docks, gazeboes, landscaping and more. Stop birds and animals from eating your fruits, vegetables and berries without the use of unhealthy chemicals or lethal traps. AirCrow uses lifelike erratic movement, bright colors and sound to harmlessly frighten away unwanted ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Application - Determination of fructose, glucose, and saccharose in beverages, fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food additives

    Introduction The technical directives and regulatory requirements specify the total content and relative contents of fructose, glucose and saccharose in juices, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages (incl. wines and winemaking materials), fruit and vegetable products, honey, and bioactive food ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

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    Cities Alive 2013 Exhibitor Services Manual

    Exhibitor Services ManualCitiesAlive 2013October 23-26, 2013San Francisco Marriott MarquisSan Francisco, CAPresented By 1Yesterday’s Values Tomorrow’s Vision Delivered TodayHeadquarters115 Moonachie AvenueMoonachie, NJ 07074201.994.1300 phone201.994.1350 faxEdison97 Sunfield AvenueEdison, NJ 08837732.346.0800 phone732.346.0811 faxLas Vegas6140 Hollywood Blvd. Suite109Las Vegas, NV ...

    By BioCycle Magazine

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    Ropel - Animal & Rodent Repellent Brochure

    Animal and Rodent RepellentReduce damage caused by chewingor gnawing animals and rodentswith Ropel spray repellent.Ropel combines the bitteresttasting substance ever discoveredwith a solvent system to allow it toadhere to different surfaces.Applied full strength, Ropel has nounpleasant odor and is effectiveagainst a wide variety of nuisanceanimals, rodents and birds.When used as directed, Ropel ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

  • Avocado Farming Software Brochure

    FarmSoft avocado Farming software streamlines packing operations, guides employees to use best food handling practices, increases traceability, and reduces fruit waste.  Talk to FarmSoft today to discover how your packhouse can start improving across the ...

    By Farmsoft

  • Farm Software Brochure

    farm software for fruit & vegetable, coffee, tobacco, flower farming. Perform recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured thru natural business processes, easily and quickly. Pass audits with ease and reduce compliance costs using farmsofts automatic paperwork tools and features. Trace product ...

    By Farmsoft

  • Automatic Patent Bale-Rollerholder Trailers - Catalogue

    AM SPECIAL automatic patent bale-rollerholder. The AM SPECIAL bale-rollerholder is the most functional answer for collecting, transporting and unloading cylindrical bales of both dry and green forage. Thanks to the articulated floating loading hayfork and the entirely hydraulic system, the cylindrical bales are quickly collected entirely automatically as they leave the press, by a single tractor ...

    By Alberti s.n.c.

  • Mounted Sprayers Brochure

    The maximum flexibility of G.R. GAMBERINI finds in the mounted orchard sprayers one of its highest expressions, thanks to the two recent innovations introduced in this ...

    By G.R. Gamberini SRL

  • Model L40 - Trailed Sprayers Brochure

    The L40 orchard sprayer is indisputably one of the G.R. production battle horses. It was also produced in limited edition L40 GOLD EDITION to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the company, with only 100 numbered units with top-of-the-range features (ie fiberglass tank with washbasin, pump and brass handle, road homologation full load, …). The same features and customizations are ...

    By G.R. Gamberini SRL

  • Ozone Pro - Ozone Water Purification Systems - Brochure

    Greenhouse Water Recycling & Treatment; Climate Control Systems Ozone Pro Systems are the KEY to improving your bottom line! Ensure your crop has fresh clean purified water every time you irrigate. The CCS-SW80 Plasma Ozone Technology is ideal for sterilizing irrigation waste water for greenhouse flower and vegetable crops. The Ozone Pro systems are available for water flow rates from 10 US ...

    By Climate Control Systems Inc

  • Model K7e - Self-Propelled Electrical Lifting Platform Brochure

    The K7e self-propelled electrical lifting platform represents the luxury class in modern fruit-growing, with characteristics to meet the highest demands that are unique on the market in this ...

    By Windegger Maschinen GmbH

  • Flake Ice Machine Products Brochure

    Flake ice can be used to keep fresh fruit, vegetable and meat. Flake ice is allowing to display perishable foods without fear of spoilage. Flake ice made up of thin pieces of ice and has no sharp edges, so cannot damage to refrigerated ...

    By Icemac

  • Lawn and Garden Humic Acid Brochure

    Picture your dream lawn and gardens with beautiful vibrant plants growing of all types. A yard with green, lush grass that’s tough enough and vigorous enough for kids, pets, and wildlife to enjoy every day. Flower beds brimming with color. Fruit and vegetable plants growing strong and producing good tasting food the kids will eat again. Vigorous, strong trees, and shrubs to shade and ...

    By Bio S.I. Technology LLC

  • Agratechniek - Drying Cabinets for Fluid Drying - Brochure

    Optimal (controlled) drying of the seeds and pellets in a conditioned cabinet with a fluid drying proces. When small quantities of (fruit) seeds and pellets is dried, the most optimal conditions are expected. Furthermore it can be necessary to have a product in movement at the start of the drying process. To be able to satisfy this need, a drying cabinet has been developed, in which the seeds or ...

    By Agratechniek b.v

  • BerryProtect - Berries Aphid Species Parasitoides Brochure

    It is applied in different crop systems, and in numerous varieties of raspberry and other soft fruit crops. BerryProtect has been used for several years on many hectares of protected berry crops throughout Europe. It is applied to various crop systems (plain soil and hydroponic cultures), and numerous varieties of raspberry and other soft fruits. BerryProtect provides the best natural protection ...

    By Viridaxis SA

  • Portable Hand Held Patrol Megaphone Brochure

    Scarecrow Patrol represents an evolutionary development in bio-acoustic bird dispersal and control, designed for use anywhere that requires effective bird control in locations where a hand held manual operation would not create any issues - small airfields, beaches, at sea, landfill sites, bridge structures, public buildings, docks and harbours, fruit farms and agriculture, food processing and ...

    By Scarecrow

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