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  • Application Of Wax Powder In Anti-scratch Coating

    Application Of Wax Powder In Anti-scratch Coating

    The biggest application of wax powder is in powder coatings. The micronized wax powder produced by Jin Yu International can improve wear resistance, anti-caking, and also have matting performance and improve flow and extrusion efficiency. The coarser wax powder and other raw materials are mixed and extruded by an extrud


  • History and distribution of nuts

    History and distribution of nuts

    The violent growth of the family Juglandaceae dates back to the Palaeogene period. This fact shows the greatness and uncommonness of this plant. On the territory of Southwest France archaeologists have found petrified shells of nuts that were ...

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  • Woven


    High quality medical-grade Dyneema Purity® woven textile, for use in the design of cardiovascular applications. A broad array of forces is driving the growing demand for minimal invasive surgery (MIS). MIS procedures typically result in less discomfort and faster recovery times for patients. As such, medical device manufacturers seek materials that enable the production and design of devices ...