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  • Insecticide and herbicide producer places heavy demands on rotary batch mixer

    Indalva S.L. is Spain`s largest toll manufacturer of insecticides and herbicides, producing approximately 5,500 to 7,700 tons/yr (5,000 to 7,000 m.t./yr) of some 30 different products for about 20 companies, nearly half of which are located in other countries. Established in 1967, the family-run company is also Spain`s oldest producer of clay microgranules, which, along with quartz sand, are used ...


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  • Open Top Tank

    Open Top Tank

    Enduramaxx 5000 Litre Open Top Tanks are generally process-oriented tanks used for blending and containment. Open Top Tanks are selected for collection systems and temporary liquid storage. Secondary containment for vertical tanks in indoor or outdoor installations is also a popular. The open top tanks are rotationally-moulded single piece construction. The consistent wall thicknesses gives a ...