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  • Direct Oil Fired Workshop Heaters
    Showcase Product

    Direct Oil Fired Workshop Heaters

    By Thermobile UK Ltd

    Durable phosphated body parts with powder coating. Very mobile, economic in use, reliable. Safe cool outside housing. Tank for 16 hours burning duration. Exchangeable components. High pressure pump with 1-way pipe ...

  • Rubber Tube Bench Heating
    Showcase Product

    Rubber Tube Bench Heating

    By Delta T Solutions

    This bench system heats the greenhouse starting at the soil level. Heat rising from the bench warms the soil and the plant roots. Tubing spaced 2 to 3 inches apart provides even soil temperatures, which prove extremely ...

  • All-in-One Greenhouse Controller
    Showcase Product

    All-in-One Greenhouse Controller

    By HortiMaX B.V.

    The affordable, all-in-one greenhouse controller . The HortiMaX-Go is the all-new smart greenhouse controller. It is a modern, user-friendly and affordable horticultural computer for controlling both your greenhouse ...

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  • BonarAgro  - a brand by Low & Bonar

    BonarAgro - a brand by Low & Bonar

    BonarAgro is a Low & Bonar premium product brand. A leading Belgian producer and supplier of innovative screens and ground covers which serves the ...

  • Hortiplan N.V.

    Hortiplan N.V.

    The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse ...

  • Saint-Gobain Cultilène B.V.

    Saint-Gobain Cultilène B.V.

    Responding to the requirements of growers, Saint-Gobain launched Saint-Gobain Cultilene in 1979 to help with the production, processing and ...

  • Julvon Power Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Julvon Power Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Established in 1986, Julvon Power Machinery Co.,Ltd specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing light and portable products for home ...

  • Zantingh B.V.

    Zantingh B.V.

    We will soon be at the 3/4 of a century milestone of our activities in a dynamic market. We started out installing coal boilers for the horticultural ...