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  • A Good Handling Of Ethylene Could Allow Preservation At Higher Temperatures

    Ethylene handling would allow storage of non-climacteric products at temperatures higher than recommended. A scientific paper recently published (1) quantifies the relationship between ethylene concentration, temperature and post-harvest life of different non-climacteric vegetables (pak choi, broccoli, mint and green beans).


  • New CapDI for Horticulture Brochures!

    Voltea, the world’s leader in membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©), has created and published a new brochure that focuses on how CapDI benefits the horticulture industry.CapDI tunably removes and controls sod

Equipment & Solutions

  • Custom Built Controller

    Custom Built Controller

    The use of ‘Dutch’ horticultural technology frequently proves unsuccessful outside the Netherlands, because the technology is not suitable for the climate conditions in those countries, or the knowledge level or culture of the user. Every climate and country requires a particular solution. The HortiMaX CX500 was designed on this basis, making it the standard in adaptive ...