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  • A Good Handling Of Ethylene Could Allow Preservation At Higher Temperatures

    Ethylene handling would allow storage of non-climacteric products at temperatures higher than recommended. A scientific paper recently published (1) quantifies the relationship between ethylene concentration, temperature and post-harvest life of different non-climacteric vegetables (pak choi, broccoli, mint and green beans).


  • New CapDI for Horticulture Brochures!

    Voltea, the world’s leader in membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©), has created and published a new brochure that focuses on how CapDI benefits the horticulture industry.CapDI tunably removes and controls sod

Equipment & Solutions

  • Knapsack Sprayer

    Knapsack Sprayer

    The knapsack sprayer with rechargeable battery is a comfortable and practical tool for those who are interested in spraying and treatments at a professional level. It is equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery and with a 12V charger. This is a knapsack sprayer with a certain lightness and a certain easiness of movement. To signal that the membrane sprayer is suitable for ...