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  • Energy Screen Films
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    Energy Screen Films

    By RKW Hyplast NV

    ‘Energy screen’ films are used as a screen in a greenhouse to reduce the energy consumption during the cold winter months.

  • Custom Built Controller
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    Custom Built Controller

    By HortiMaX B.V.

    The use of ‘Dutch’ horticultural technology frequently proves unsuccessful outside the Netherlands, because the technology is not suitable for the climate conditions in those countries, or the knowledge ...

  • Coupled Systems
    Showcase Product

    Coupled Systems

    By Smart Farmers

    A research facility for LED? An educational aquaponics system. Or a vertical farm in a warehouse or a container filled with microgreens? You are active in agriculture, horticulture or run a company with excess energy, ...

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  • Greenport Holland International (GHI)

    Greenport Holland International (GHI)

    The Greenport Holland International Foundation (GHI) is an independent organisation, founded by the private companies in the Dutch horticultural ...

  • AVAG


    AVAG is the association of the Dutch greenhouse construction and technology. We represent the common interests of our members and support them in the ...

  • Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture (AIEA)

    Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture (AIEA)

    The Australian Institute of Ecological Agriculture (the AIEA) adds a new dimension to agricultural education, extension, research, and, politics. The ...

  • Philips Lighting B.V. - Horticulture

    Philips Lighting B.V. - Horticulture

    Solid-state LED lighting offers a number of benefits to the horticulture industry, including increased yields, earlier flowering, faster root ...

  • Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society

    Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society

    The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society is a Scotland-wide horticultural and gardening society. Members include both amateur and professional, ...