Horticulture Storage

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mini Trailer Sprayers
    Showcase Product

    Mini Trailer Sprayers

    By Delvano NV

    Tank (L): 120 . Minitrailer. Engine (HP): Honda GX 120 4 PK. Ramp (m): 4,5 m with nozzle. Pump: AR 202. Wheels: 3 wheels with drawbar. Options: 7,5 m hose, hand lance: 0,6m type revolver.

  • Water Silo
    Showcase Product

    Water Silo

    By Genap B.V.

    The Genap long panel silos are designed to be installed with only manual force. So without cranes or other equipment. The silo is modularly constructed of corrugated steel panels of at least 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm thickness. ...

  • Horticulture Silo Linings
    Showcase Product

    Horticulture Silo Linings

    By Genap B.V.

    Genap has developed various types of watertight foil specifically for every imaginable application within the horticultural sector. The silo linings that we produce using these are supplied under the general name ...