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    Horticulture Brochure

    Modern growing practices include scientific evaluations of soil, water, fertilizers, diseases, etc. While some tests are best performed by a laboratory, others can be easily conducted on location, saving time and money. Three tests in particular, EC, pH, and ALKALINITY, can reveal valuable information about water quality, soil salinity, and fertilizer concentration. Myron L Company’s ...

    By Myron L Company

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    TenCate Nicolon - Cow Mattress Top Layers - Brochrue

    TenCate Industrial Fabrics is a producer and supplier of technical textiles for building, agriculture, horticulture, water storage and dewatering projects. TenCate Nicolon cow mattress top layers have been produced by TenCate since 1995. For today’s professional dairy farmer cow house management includes application of the most economical working methods. Thanks to research of many ...

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    Water treatment solutions for the agriculture & horticulture industries - Brochure

    Water usage in agriculture and horticulture industry is mainly done through irrigation process. With global agricultural production increase and consequently increase of water demand there has been more and more need to look for water recycling options in order to decrease the water consumption at source. Lenntech provides sustainable complete solutions for water treatment in agriculture and ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Atg UV’s state-of-the-art ultraviolet technology ensures effective disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals. With over twenty five years of industry experience atg UV Technology are market leaders, whose state-of-the- art UV product range has provided a vast range of industries with advanced technology solutions for a variety of applications worldwide. With a number of units ...

    By atg UV Technology

  • Tomtech - Model T200 - Horticultural Computer Datasheet

    The T200 is an entirely new concept in horticultural control, designed for climate and irrigation control. T200 features a 10.4 inch high brightness colour touch screen instead of the usual keypad and display making it extremely easy to use while remaining waterproof The screen is fully readable in ...

    By Tomtech

  • Stolze Company Profile Brochure

    Stolze is a well known name in the horticultural sector for more than 45 years. With its 80 employees Stolze has developed into a specialist in automation, irrigation, growth light, heating and cooling installations for the modern horticulture. The head office and workshop / central store of Stolze has been established in a modern office building at Maasdijk, situated in ‘Westland’ ...

    By Stolze B.V.

  • Genap - Silo Linings - Brochure

    Material choice: Under the name Aquatex® , Genap offers you a complete range of silo liners that has been compiled specifically for the horticultural sector. Because the use can vary, these silo liners are available in a variety of foil types and in every imaginable size: Aquatex® EX black, thicknesses 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm. A very high-quality polypropylene foil that is suitable for storing ...

    By Genap B.V.

  • Company Overview Brochure

    Dalsem Horticultural ProjectsWoudseweg 9 2635 CG Den Hoorn, The NetherlandsPhone: +31 (0)15 - 269 58 00E-mail: info@dalsem.nlWWW.DALSEM.NLDalsem Horticultural Projects“Our philosophy is reflected in all our related companies: controlling all facets of a project in to every detail, keeping all critical items in house and design an optimal project which will result in cost efficient projects with ...

    By Dalsem

  • Micro - Model 44-50 - Hose Reel Machine Brochure

    Low trolley for turf, stadium and parkland. High trolley for horticulture and market gardening ...

    By Irrifrance Groupe

  • VaraCorp - Horticulture Aeration System Brochure

    VaraCorp 13492 Research Blvd Suite 120 Austin, TX 78750-2254 info@varacorp.com 800.801.6685 www.varacorp.com. HOW TO INCREASE BOTTOM-LINE HORTICULTURE PROFITS USING DISSOLVED OXYGEN Most plant nursery owners know the importance of oxygen in the root zone of their plants. Oxygen is the key to nutrient uptake. It also can help in the control of certain plant diseases. What is ...

    By VaraCorp LLC

  • Senninger - i-Mini Series - Mini Wobbler Brochure

    mini-Wobbler® TestimonialResearch Study Overview Wobbler technology, while not yet widely used in Europe, is totally different in its method of water distribution. Instead of distributing water as a fan type spray or through a fixed nozzle onto an oscillating arm, the stream is directed at the center of a rotating deflector. Based on the water pressure, the rotating grooved deflector distributes ...

    By Senninger Irrigation

  • CarbonOxy - Brochure

    CCoommppaacctt MMeeaassuurreemmeenntt ooff CCaarrbboonn DDiiooxxiiddee && OOxxyyggeenn EEccooCChheemm CCAARRBBOONNOOXXYY The CarbonOxy is a unique device for measuring CO2 and O2 on a Euro Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Carbon Dioxide is measured using the dual wavelength technique (NDIR - Non-Dispersive Infra Red) while Oxygen is measured using Zirconium Oxide. This combination ...

    By EcoChem Analytics

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