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  • Is Horticultural Science in Crisis? What is Needed to Assure Its Future?

    "Kenya has a shortage of competent horticultural staff at institutional and commercial levels." "Horticulture is facing a crisis in the United Kingdom." "Is horticulture a withering field in the USA?" "Concerns over shortage of agriculture graduates In Australia." "Uganda's flower sector faces an imminent shortage of qualified managers and supervisors in flower firms." "New Zealand ...

  • Pesticides in the European Union

    There has been a sharply falling trend in the total volume of sales of agricultural pesticides in the EU between 1991 and 1995. But this was reversed in 1996. From 1991-1995, EU sales of pesticides, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Sorting Line for Cuttings

    Sorting Line for Cuttings

    The automated Sorting line for cuttings carries out continuous and uniform grading of the propagation material. It guarantees continuous crops and achieves significant savings on labour costs. The cuttings are graded on size by cameras and classified into a number of gradings. The results are recorded in a database to give you insight into the results per plant variety.