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  • Pear Grading System
    Showcase Product

    Pear Grading System

    By Aweta

    We understand that to improve margins you need to reduce overheads. Aweta is a frontrunner in the sorting and packing of pears. Aweta has introduced the first automated singulator which can align and rotate pears ...

  • Pear Shape Pressure Equalizing Funnels
    Showcase Product

    Pear Shape Pressure Equalizing Funnels

    By Jain Laboratory Glassware Co.

    Pressure Equalizing Funnels, RELIGLAS, Pear shape, with socket, Glass key / PTFE Key stopcock, stem with cone.

  • African Pear
    Showcase Product

    African Pear

    By Flourish Greens Limited

    African pear is loaded with essential ingredients for warding off diseases. IT is uniquely different in appearance, shape and size from the common pear. Ube as it is locally called among the Igbos in eastern Nigeria. ...

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  • Pear Technology Services Ltd

    Pear Technology Services Ltd

    Pear Technology has been providing digital maps and mapping services to the rural sector since 1995. Recognising that mapping, CAD and GIS software ...